How to Cook an Egg

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An egg is a complete protein and contains vitamin D naturally and takes a very short time to cook.
it is one of the easiest food to cook.

An Egg

An egg is a complete protein and once it’s consumed you are assured that you have gotten your daily potion. An egg is the only natural food that contains vitamin D in its natural form.

To cook an egg takes as little time as three minutes or ten minutes depending on what you prefer. Below are simple recipes to cook a chicken egg.

Boiled egg.
In a saucepan put in the egg and cover slightly with water and bring to the boil. If the egg is preferred soft boiled then it should be done in five minutes. For those who prefer the yolk to be solid and well cooked then allow eight minutes. Once this is done put in cold or ice water to stop further cooking and easier removal of the shell.

Poached egg.

Put water in a sauce pan and bring to a boil then reduce the heat to simmering and add a little salt . In a bowl crack an egg and slide it into the hot water and allow the white to form. Remove and put it in cold water in a minute to stop further cooking.

Fried egg.

Put in some cooking oil in a pan and let it heat up, then in a bowl crack an egg and then slide it on to the pan and let it set to a light brown color. Some people prefer the sunny side to remain but personally my egg has to have the yolk well done so I flip it on the other side and let it cook through.

Egg with minced meat.

This I would recommend after a good work out and if you have a tedious day ahead since it gives you maximum protein. Precook the minced meat and in a pan fry an onion to golden brown put in some chopped coriander and the minced meat and cook for a minute. In a bowl beat the egg until fluffy and then mix it in the pan and stir until the egg white is set in the meat.

To test how good the egg is before cooking , put it in a cup with water and the most fresh egg will stay at the bottom, an egg that floats is too old and should not be eaten.

Break a single egg in a bowl and empty in a container if you are beating more than one egg to ensure that you do not mix together a rotten egg.


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