How to Count to 20 in Russian

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How to count to 20 in Russian is a great way to be able to navigate in a foreign country.

1-20 Let's Speak Russian Together

Here's how to say a few numbers in Russian. They may come in handy if you ever plan to visit a Russian speaking country, or if you ever meet some one from one. Speaking Russian isn't hard it just takes time. So, stick with it and you will be speaking Russian in no time.


1 - ah-deen
2 - dvah
3 - tree
4 – chyeh-tea-ree
5 – pyah-t (soft “t”)
6 – shest (soft “t”)
7 – syehm (soft “m”)
8 – voh-syem (soft “m”)
9 – dyeh-veaht (soft “t”)
10 – dyeh-seaht (soft “t”)
11 – ahdee-nah-dtsah-t (soft “t”)
12 – dveah-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
13 - tree-nah-dtsah-t (soft “t”)
14 - chyeh-tear-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
15 - pyeh-tnahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
16 – shyehs-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
17 - syehm-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
18 - vah-syehm-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
19 - dyeh-vyeht-nahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)
20 - dvahd-tsah-t (soft “t”)


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