How to Create a Wine Cellar beside the Dining Room

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Love good food with delicious wine? Here are some ideas to build a dining room beside your wine cellar that will fill your storage and dining needs.


If you like good food and good wine, then creating a dining room beside your wine cellar is the perfect project to take up. While designing the room, you can take inspiration from the Napa Valley or the wineries situated in the distant Bordeaux. Your sole intention behind designing such a dining room is to showcase your love and passion for great wines. Alongside the wine, you can even display your love for quality food. This project may take you months, but once finished you will be proud of what you have come up with. Below are some ideas that would help you in the project:

Wine Storage

This is the most important element of a dining room beside a wine cellar. You should install some wine storage cubes that have horizontal and diagonal shelves. These shelves would allow the bottles to be stored away from direct sunlight. As fluorescent lighting is detrimental for the wine bottles, you should have track lighting and table lamps with LED bulbs. LED bulbs ensure that there is enough light in the room and yet the wine remains in its pristine form. The wine bottles should be kept in a cabinet where the temperature does not go below 40 degrees or higher than 60 degrees. This is very important if you want to store the bottles for more than six months. The wine bottles should be stored in one or more wine refrigerators, and they should complement the color of wine storage cubes. If you have a large collection of wine then you can install wine cellar cooling unit in the cellar. This helps wine aging.

Dining Needs

You can maximize upon the room’s potential for storing and later enjoying the wine by adding some extra storage spaces in the walls. There should be some storage cabinets with refrigeration cabinets on the bottom and top. You can have a solid, marble or tile counter-top on top of lower level cabinets. This will give ample space to display the open bottles of wine along with the appetizers. A table should be placed at the center of the room that goes well with the cabinetry. Have some chairs that will ideally fit within the small room. You can hang a chandelier or pendant light having only LED bulbs; it should also have a dimmer switch. The dimmer switch allows you have the right intensity of lighting for the occasion.

Winery Look

You should aim at creating a room that is reminiscent of the wine tasting rooms. There should be an accent wall that provides you a canvas for decoration. You can stack the wall with stone wallpaper to imbibe the traditional wine room feeling. If you do not have enough space for the accent wall decoration, never mind there are other ways too. Use the wallpaper in spaces between the upper and lower cabinetry.

Some More Decorations

There are some more areas within the room left. The window treatments and some other accessories have not been discussed yet. Use the thermal curtains to cover up the room’s windows and keep the damaging sun rays out. Hang the curtains on metal rods. Now, these rods should have ornamental grape cluster and some leaf finials. The tablecloth that you choose should match with the window treatment. Look through the wine collection to find inspiration (in terms of shades) for other fabrics to adorn the room. You can choose fabrics with burgundy, light yellow or green shades. You can hang some French wine posters or use a wine sign for the room. Give a winery like look to your dining room by having some oak barrels around.


Use these creative ideas to design a dining room beside the wine cellar that will truly personify your love for quality wines. None of these tips are too costly, so you may always give them a try.


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