How to Customize Windows Vista

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There are a variety of ways that you can customize Windows Vista. This can be done either via the options that Vista has, or alternatively via software that can further customize the Windows OS. So here are a few ways that you can customize Windows Vista.

How to Customize Windows Vista

Windows has a variety of customize options that can be reached via right-clicking the desktop. From here, the customize option at the bottom of the menu can then be selected. By selecting this option, a sub-menu then has a variety of options that can further customize Windows.

To begin with, the Windows color option provides a variety of color schemes and variable windows. In addition to this, further effects can also be selected for the effects menu. Select an windows option here to change the windows scheme.

Changing the desktop background can also be done from this sub-menu. From the desktop background option, you can select a variety of Windows wallpaper. Alternatively, you can add your own wallpaper by right-clicking the wallpaper and the selecting the set as desktop background option.

Themes are another way that Windows Vista can be customized. Overall, Vista only has two themes to select from: Windows Vista, and Windows Classic. The difference here is that Windows Classic is more like previous versions of Windows. However, any further themes can be added to this via download.

You can also customize the Windows start menu and task-bar by right-clicking the task-bar and selecting properties. From here, there are a few option boxes for the task-bar. For example, you can lock or unlock the toolbar. With the task-bar unlocked, it can then be moved. Alternatively, you can include Windows previews by selecting the Windows preview option.

In addition to this, the start menu can also be customized by selecting the start menu tab. Here, there are two start menu options, including the classic start menu, which can be selected from. In addition to this, the customize option next to this allows for the start menu to be further customized. Select this option, and you can customize the start menu icons and menus.

Of course, you can also further customize Windows with additional Windows customize software. Typical examples include the likes of Tweak Vista, which provides further configuration options for Vista. Alternatively, software such as Windows Blinds provides a variety of options that can revamp Windows and the desktop by changing title bars, borders, push buttons, the start menu etc.

So overall, these are just a few ways that you can customize the Windows Vista OS. Either via its display options, such as windows color, desktop background or themes. Alternatively, the start menu and toolbar can be further customized via the task-bar properties option. In addition to this, you can also customize Windows with software such as tweak Vista, or WindowsBlinds.


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