How to Customize the Desktop in Windows 7

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Windows 7 has a variety of options for customizing the desktop. Most of these customization options can be found under the personalize options. To select these options, right-click the desktop and then you can select the personalize option.

How to Customize the Desktop in Windows 7

Selecting this option will then bring up the Windows 7 themes windows. A variety of Windows 7 themes are displayed here and can be selected from. Overall, Windows 7 has several Windows Aero themes such as landscapes, nature, and United Kingdom. These are the best themes to select if you want to keep the Windows Aero desktop. However, if you prefer a more basic theme, then there are six of these such as Windows Basic and Windows Classic which is more like the former Windows 95 desktop. With these basic themes the windows desktop will be more opaque and less transparent. It should also be noted that more themes can be downloaded and added.

Changing the desktop background is one of the more basic options for desktop customization. Each of the Windows 7 Aero themes has a few potential backgrounds which can be selected from the desktop background option at the bottom of the Windows themes window. One of the new options that Windows 7 has for this is that is the shuffle option, which if selected will display a variety of desktop backgrounds. Select the shuffle option and the variety desktop options that are to be included on the desktop. In addition to this, you can also add your own Windows 7 desktop background from your picture library if you select picture library from picture location.

If you want to change the main color of the desktop then Windows 7 also has options for this. This option is included next to the desktop wallpaper option, and when selected a variety of desktop colors can be selected. You can also use the color mixer to further edit these.

In addition to this, aside from customizing the desktop color, you can also modify the Windows 7 Aero transparency if you have a Windows 7 Aero theme. By un-checking the transparency tab transparent windows will become opaque. Or alternatively, if you want to modify the transparency you can do so via the color bar, which is moved to the right will make the Windows desktop more opaque.

Further to this, Windows 7 also has a few other customization options for the desktop. You can change desktop icon settings via the change desktop icons option. From here you can add some further desktop icons to the desktop. Plus, in addition to this, you can also customize these icons with alternative desktop icons for recycle bin etc.

These are a few of the options for customizing the Windows 7 desktop. You can customize the Windows 7 desktop with various Windows 7 Aero and Windows 7 Basic themes, with a variety of desktop backgrounds, desktop color options, desktop transparency, and desktop icons options.


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