How to Defend Yourself if You're a Girl

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Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared to girls. So every girl must have the sufficient knowledge and training to prepare for the unexpected.

Protect Yourself!

The female population has been prejudiced to be a weaker gender. Because they are perceived as gentler beings, some male population takes advantage of their weakness. The incidence of robbery, rape, battery and murder are prevalent of men over women.

That shouldn’t be that way. Women are precious people; they are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, everyone has the right to defend themselves. When you’re a girl, you need to be equipped with technical knowledge to spare yourself. Though you don’t have the muscular strength to wrestle with stronger being s such as men, don’t think that you’re powerless to the point of submission. With numerous practice and practical know-how, you can protect yourself and your love ones.

Study Martial Arts or other forms of Self-defense- As a girl; never underestimate a man’s capacity towards aggression. Anticipate, expect and prepare yourself well by mental conditioning to control your fear and panic. Physical preparation is essential. One of the best ways is to gain scientific knowledge protecting you and your love one by studying Martial Arts discipline or self-defense you prefer. Without the technical approach of defending yourself, it’s unwise to face a fight with them. With martial arts or other forms of self defense like boxing, you’re physical attributes will be heightened. You’re physical power will increase because you might working out a heavy bag, you will gain greater speed, stamina, coordination and better fighting techniques as you train the discipline over time. These are attainable attributes if you train and practice enough to gain it. However, never be too complacent and over confident on your martial arts skills. There are other or better options like handling a weapon or escape.

Study the Art of Weapon Fighting – weapons are a great equalizer. When you have a defensive tool in your hand and know how to proficiently handle it, you can be equally offensive against bigger and taller men. Having the knowledge and skill on handling a nun-chuck, kali sticks, kendo sticks or baton will maximize your ability protect yourself.(Avoid the maximum use of full force, just enough to hinder his capacity to hurt you. Have an extra precaution on handling a knife because it might not be lawfully legal. Unless your life is in a grave danger never uses it against someone. When handling a gun, you need a license to carry. Your main goal is only to immobilize, stun and cripple, not to permanently disable nor kill him. To maximize the effectively, target the pain sensitive spot of the body like the ears, eyes, nose, nape, jaw, temple, neck, throat, solar plexus, armpit, abdominals, groin, legs, knees and toes. When martial arts weapons aren’t available, you can improvise buy using a rock, pen, umbrella or a key. Always carry a teargas or pepper spray on your bag. Be practical. As much as possible, never face an adversary empty-handed.

Give Your Material Possessions if He’s asking for it- If he’s asking to give up your money, bag, wallet, cell phone, watch or your laptop. Better give it, some robbers only motive is to get something. They don’t have any intentions of hurting you. If it means sparing your life, do it. No material possession is equally valuable to one’s life. Don’t resist unless your life is on a serious danger. Using and applying Martial arts and self-defense knowledge is important, but you should have the appropriate timing, misusing it may lead to harm rather than good.

Escape- For a female, escape is still the best option. Only when you’re cornered you are required to confront an adversary. A lot of time, the ability to sprint and run fast is equally important as having a martial art fighting skill.You may not be able outrun a male adversary because they are more likely naturally faster than you, but you can apply escape after you managed to disable and stun them. The best way to go to large crowds and seek help for authorities such as the cops.

Call the Police- The phrase “No one is above the law” is very true. We can’t rely on ourselves at all times. We sometimes need to delegate when we already know that the situation will be out of our control. Security guards on malls or other establishments may also help you when cops aren’t available.

In order for you to successfully defend yourself, it is essential for you to be alert at all times. Have a constant practice and training to gain your defensive proficiency. Rely more on practicality and on being wise rather always expect the unexpected. Most prevalent criminal motives of men over women are sexual intentions. Avoid wearing sexually enticing clothes. Equipping yourself with these principles will increase your chances to spare your life.


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18th Apr 2014 (#)

Carrying pepper spray also helps as long as it's easy to reach and not at the bottom of your handbag.

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