How to Develop a Fitness Program

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We all need to be fit, so how do we do it? Fitness programs must be tailored individually, both for athletes and regular civilians, in order to keep us strong and healthy. In this article, I will provide the tips you need to run your own fitness program, keeping yourself healthy and able to launch yourself into everyday tasks with ease. Read on to discover more...

The FITT Principle

Frequency – How often we exercise (over a week, recommended 3-5 times a week)
Intensity – Measured in Perceived level of exertion (feeling) and/or Heart Rate
Time – Duration of session (usually measured in minutes), to get effect: 20-40 mins
Type – Continuous training – jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing
- Interval training
- Weight training
- Fartlek training

Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Current exercise
Existing medical conditions – osteoporosis
- Arthritis
- Respiratory diseases (asthma)
- Diabetes
- High blood pressure/Hypertension (pressure exerted on artery walls with every heart pump, expressed as systole/diastole ). Systole is the pressure immediately following the heart. Diastole is the pressure exerted in the phase between beats. E.g. 120 over 60. The doctor is usually most interested in systole.
Illinois Agility Test, Basketball Throw

Sit-ups, Beep Test (Aerobic capacity)

Setting Goals

Any effective training program needs to be directed towards particular or specific goals. In setting goals for a personal fitness program, I should combine what I want to achieve with what I need to improve on. All the elements of fitness should be considered to provide a program that is injury-free and promotes good health, leaving me with enough energy for my day to day tasks and better performance in my sporting or recreational activities.

Principles of Training

When planning a training program it is essential that the principles of training are applied to gain the greatest benefit. The key principles of training are
- Specificity
- Progressive overload
- Intensity
- Frequency
When selecting activities for a training program, there are two things to consider in order to make the program effective and to produce the best results.
1. Energy Demand – Must be specific to that activity e.g. netball, where short sprints are involved, training drills should emphasise these activities. Marathons, where extremely long runs are involved, training should be non-stop long running.
2. Muscle Groups – Emphasise those in the training after identifying the ones that are needed.


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29th Nov 2011 (#)

great job. i will try this fitness program. a very good overall article.

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Great read, thank you.

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simple do morning walk and eat fine

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simple do morning walk and eat fine

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