How to Dye Your Dogs Hair

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Make your dog stand out with a little creativity and some hair dye!!

It Can Be Done!

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, people do in fact dye their pets hair. My dog, a Maltese who is all white, enjoyed the Fourth of July last year with red ears and a blue tail. He is proud to be an American!

Dying your pets hair is actually very easy, and can be alot of fun. There are dyes made just for pets sold at pet stores, but the cheapest way to color your pooch is to invest in Kool-Aid. These steps are for using Kool-Aid as hair dye.

Set the Stage

Begin by deciding where you will dye your pet. If you dog is small, the kitchen sink works great. A bathtub, or out on the deck, works well if you will by dyeing a larger dog. Wherever you decide, spread a few towels on the floor for your pet to stand on. Place another towel or two close by for you to dry off your colored friend. Dyeing your dog can be very messing, so try to prepare the area as much as possible, that way, if your dog shakes himself off, you don't end up with a blue spot on your carpet or rug.

Mix Up Your Dye

If you are dying a small dog, you should mix your Kool-Aid with lukewarm water in the sink. If you are dying a larger dog, try pouring the Kool-Aid mix into a spray bottle. Add warm water, and shake until mix is completely dissolved.

Dip the Dog

If you are using the sink, place your pet carefully into the colored water. If he doesn't mind sitting, have him sit down so that as much hair as possible is submerged. Use a cup to pour water over any hair that isn't submerged. If you are using a spray bottle, spray your dog from head to rear, making sure you are completely saturating your dogs fur.

Accent Your Pooch

If you decide to dye only parts of your pooch, such as his/her ears or tail, the easiest way to do this is to use a soft bristle brush. Place your (gloved) hand beneath your pets ears or tail, close to their skin. This will help keep the kool-aid from dying parts you don't want to dye. Dip your brush into the colored water, and gently brush excess water onto your pets hair. Continue until all the hair is covered and completely saturated.

Dry the Dog

Place your pet on the towels you've laid for them. Using the extra towels, vigorously scrub your dogs hair. Try not to let them shake until you have gotten all the excess water off of them. If you have a small dog, try using a blow-dryer on low or no heat settings. Take your larger dog for a walk (on a clean sidewalk!) to have them air-dry quicker.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Oct 2012 (#)

Wow look at those crazy looking dyed dogs that must take a lot of time to perfect. I will share on Facebook.

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author avatar Denise O
6th Oct 2012 (#)

Love the idea, makes me go hmmm. Watch out Bugg and Tee.LOL
Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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