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Learn how to improve your Wikinut article by Editing. Understand the value of reading Moderators notes and the Edit function here on Wikinut.

How to Edit a Wikinut Page

There are a few ways of getting to your Wikinut article for the purpose of Editing it. You can bring up the published page and will note on the top right hand corner there is an Edit this Page button. Clicking it will transfer your page back to the look it had when you were submitting it for publication.

An other means of finding your page is by using the Your Pages button. This will give you several options, you can bring up only rejected pages, all your pages, pending pages, or so forth. When you have the list of pages you selected, you will note that each of them have an Edit link which will also take you to the publication formatting page.

Huh, Why Edit?

Editing your page allows you to improve it. Better pages get shared more, more views mean more income. As well better pages appeal to advertisers. If Wikinut can attract more advertisers your rates could go up. (I am just a moderator, I have no control over rates)

Many times editing a page also allows it to be scanned by search engines again, hopefully improving its ranking.

What to Edit

Some of the moderators will take the time to send notes that they make while moderating your page. You may note that we do not have the power to change your article other than category placement.

I often send moderation notes which a writer can read if they take the time to note the message that goes with their Publication Notice (click your Publication Notice to read the Moderator Notes)

If you have no notes, you may have noticed spelling, or grammar errors, yourself and may wish to change those, other things to improve are:

Title - It should be 3-8 words long, using key words that people might type into a search engine.

Summary - It should be 1 - 3 sentences long, not part of your article, but rather an invitation to read more.

Article - Although the minimum required word count is low on Wikinut a good article is 400 - 1200 words. Readability can be improved by making sure each paragraph is not too long, and paragraphs have breaks between them.

Bold or use Italics where needed, but do not over do it.

Use the Add new section feature if your article is long and can be divided up into sections, as I have done here.

Add Related Links - even adding your Wikinut Referral Link is a good idea. Unrelated links will cause your article to be rejected or rate poorly both by Wikinut, and by search engines.

Tagging should not be overlooked - having 6 - 10 good tags will help search engines find your page.

Fill in the Notes to the Moderator - Remind us if your page is original or published by you on another site too. Also make a note to the moderator telling us what edit changes you made. You do not have to be overly specific - simply say "Published on Triond, edited to fix spelling errors"

Links for Other Tips

Better Titles and Summaries get more Views

Better Tags get more Views

Adding Pictures to your Wikinut Page

Not all Pictures are Safe to use on Wikinut Pages

Message to Writers from a Wikinut Moderator

Join Me on Wikinut, Get Paid to Write!


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author avatar Denise O
27th Oct 2010 (#)

Mark, edit and I have been well aquainted.
I appreciate all y'alls comments also.
It really does help us.
Great article, well written.
Congrats on the star page, it is well deserved.
Thank you for sharing. :)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Oct 2010 (#)

Denise you are one of my BEST edit users... which shows you truly care about the quality of your articles!

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author avatar Retired
27th Oct 2010 (#)

Yes, thanks for all your helpful advise. I love the rusty car, what a visual - :)

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author avatar Retired
27th Oct 2010 (#)

Mark-- I have learned to find the edit button fix errors, and in fact you are so right get more traffic. You have been a great help and I hope you will continue to be so.

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author avatar Strovek
28th Oct 2010 (#)

You highlight some good reasons for editing.

It is good that the moderators provide pointers on how to improve our articles.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Thomas Alva Edison once said that "Genius is 99 percent perspiration and one percent inspiration." The same thing can be said about writing for publication, writing is 99 percent perspiration and one percent inspiration. For the writer that 99 percent perspiration is the editing process and producing the final draft that is ready to be submitted to an editor for publication.

Good instruction, Mark.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
28th Oct 2010 (#)

Liked and Tweeted.

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author avatar TheMovieScene
28th Oct 2010 (#)

People who post long paragraphs is a bug bear of mind and so it is nice to see the reminder about splittling them up for readability.

Useful advice for all.

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Oct 2010 (#)

some article
we all must download
but one thing
i have over 3200 messages unread
as my compy doesn\t accept ur script there
so u must introduce a messaging system
like triond.
secondly immediste cross gram spell check
as this note would reveal is needed

thirdly the poem has to be 500 words
not all of us can write epics poems are usually
100 to 130 words only
hence i/WE
have to elongate it



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author avatar Carol
30th Oct 2010 (#)

Very helpful Mark, many thanks

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

Mark, I forgot I used a page I had in draft, for my club sandwich recipe. OOPS!Mark, I didn't even notice that I had it in the writing catagory.
Thank you!
Now, how do I do that? LOL

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author avatar Denise O
3rd Nov 2010 (#)

Thank you Mark for the help in fixing the problem and
for catching it in the first place.:)

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author avatar Charlene Nuble
15th Nov 2010 (#)

I'd like to know if there's an option to add a different thumbnail for each of my articles, rather than my face showing up always. :-)

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author avatar Retired
27th Jan 2011 (#)

Excellent information.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
14th Mar 2011 (#)

I'm learning from your articles.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Jul 2011 (#)

Thanks Mark very helpful advice, and I will not be fearful of editing anymore, and heed your great tips, thank you!Great information...:0)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
6th Jul 2011 (#)

In response to Charlenes quesiton. When you add a picture to your page you get the option of using that as the preview image.

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author avatar Susan Jane
19th Feb 2013 (#)

As a new Wikinut, I haven't used this feature yet. I write my articles in Word and edit them before cutting and pasting into a site's format. Is this okay to do? Is there any difference? I am so keen to do well here and appreciate all the helpful advice I am reading.

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