How to Find a Wireless Access Point IP Address

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If you want to connect to the web you can't do this without having a router. There are numerous types of router available by different internet service providers.

Router FAQ

One of more networks connects using a router device. The primary function of the wireless router is to redirect traffic from the a source to the destination. Data packets are being received and sent though the network with the help of the router.

Types of routers

We can find various kinds of routers that are used for both small, and home offices. You can use it largely to access different type of information such as sites, video clips, computer files or basic data between different types of devices attached in a single network system. Mostly, DSL routers are widely-used to allow us hook up to the world wide web. Just about the most sophisticated types of networking systems helps in connecting different networks over high-speed optical fiber lines. Routers can be hardware or software structured as well.

What you should know about router connectivity

Dynamic routing protocol allows us to swap details between wireless router and various devices which are usually in the same networking system. There are various user interfaces where routers may be configured. Different methods include working with a communication protocol that has a firmware and also concentrates on granting the transmission of packets from a single place to some other.

Different ways to find the default IP address of your of Wireless router

As you already know, almost certainly the default IP address of your wireless router is In order to access the router and its settings, you will need to check the default IP of your wireless router. When you know and can get the default IP of your wireless router or setup its configuration, you should first login to the router. With the help of the Default IP address, in this case, you will get access to the wireless router administrator page momentarily. One can consider IP address of your wireless router may also be considered as the Gateway IP of your Ethernet adaptor of your networking system as well. So that you can get access to web, one needs to set-up the right type of IP in your network or system. One of the critical concerns you need to make before configuring your wireless router or its configuration is ensure your system is connected to the wireless router using either an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Ethernet connectivity is normally necessary to do this.

Find IP address using Control panel

Checking the network connectivity is definitely the easiest option to find the wireless router IP. Here you can find some of the simplest ways to get the wireless router Default IP address

- Look at the Network and Sharing Center.
- Once there, check out the "Wireless Network Connections". Right-click it and you will view the Wireless Network Connection status
- After you access this window check out the Connection status tab. Click on the Details button once you get there.
- When you click Details, you are able to check out the IPv4 IP Status. It can be entirely possible that you will be able to see IP as the default Gateway IP.

Ways to use the Command Prompt to find the wireless router default IP address

- Start up the command prompt by pressing the Microsoft windows key on the keyboard and typing CMD.
- Within the Command prompt you have to type the following command - IPCONFIG. -After you enter the command line click the Enter key on the computer keyboard.
- Router IP is the Default Gateway IP which needs to be listed in the command output.

Examining the default IP of your wireless router is just about the easiest ways to do. On the other hand, there are only a few things you must make sure that you take into account before examining each of these options.

Several words at the conclusion

With regards to joining to the Web, wireless routers are most valuable. It is possible to set-up your router in various different ways, depending on what you need. Also you can find various wireless routers available for sale, as a result its configuration also is dependent upon which router you're using and how you'd want it to be set up. Hopefully that the two uncomplicated ways to find your router Ip address, described in this post helped you figure out what's the IP address of your wireless router.


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