How to Fry Fish Without Oil Splattering Everywhere

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Frying fish can create a greasy kitchen with oil splattering on the floor. To avoid oil splattering everywhere, I had tested out a few tricks that helped me to overcome the fear of frying fish.

Bad experience while frying fish

Everyone had been to this sticky and spit spat situation. Quite a painful experience for me.

The first time I fried fish was 30 years ago when my mom dragged me into the kitchen to help her out. She said that girls needed to learn how to cook for her family and herself.

I said leave that job to the maid and she smacked my head.

I had several bad experiences while frying fish, scalded arms and face with hot oil spit spat by the fresh fish frying.

Common Mistakes

  • Did you throw the whole fish into the wok with hot oil and yelp like a puppy?
  • Yeah, I threw in several times and definitely was scalded by hot oil on many occasions. Mum had to use Colgate (toothpaste) to rub onto my scalded face or arms and nagged me for being a scary cat.

  • Insufficient oil: Are you trying to save the cooking oil? That is a big mistake. The fish would get stuck to the base of the frying pan and absorb more oil into the flesh of the fish.

  • Did you throw in the fish after you had cleaned it? Wrong! You have to allow excess water to drip off to the last drop

  • Did you clean the fish?!!

Tip #1: Coat fish with flour

Generously coat the seasoned fish with corn or plain flour. Sounds too good to be true but it definitely worked out for me.

Method :

  • After the fish had been cleaned, season it with a little salt on both sides. Place the fishes on a plate and Strain any excess water, especially the bloody water.

  • Heat up the wok with sufficient oil and allow the oil to warm up. Pour in generously some corn flour over the fishes.

  • Make sure both sides are well coated with corn flour. If you see there is a little damp side, sprinkle a little flour to patch it up.
  • Once the fishes are mummified with corn flour, slide in one fish at a time into the wok.

  • If the oil still pops, you did not coat the inner fish. Furthermore it is still wet.

  • Slide in 2 fishes at a time. Cover the wok with a lid and turn to medium fire. You don't want to burn your fishes, right?

  • After 10~15 min, flip over the uncooked side of the fish into the oil. Leave it another 15 min to fry the fish.

  • These fishes should turn out crispy, brownish and stiff not limpy.

  • I love crispy and crunchy fish

Tip #2: Use a Mesh cover

  • Mesh Cover is like a wide frying pan or wok cover that is round in shape and has transparent net over the lid. ( You can buy this online )

  • It is convenient for those people who afraid of frying fish, meats, calamari which always induce hot oil splattering everywhere and parts of the body of the person who cooks it.

  • Mesh cover consist of very tiny holes like mosquito netting, but with firm stainless steel strings and allows hot air from cooking process to escape from the holes so that vapors do not develop. Hence, less oil splattering.

  • It also keeps my stove tops and floors from the splattering grease .

  • After you have cleaned the fish, sprinkle a little salt over the both sides of the fish and lift it up the fish by the tail to allow excess water to drip off to the very last drop.

  • You have to be "Big heart" when you pour in the oil. It has to be sufficient to fry the amount of fishes. Otherwise, your fishes will stick to the base of the wok or frying pan and tear the flesh and eyes apart. Messy !

  • When the oil is very hot, slowly, slide in the fish into the middle and quickly cover up with the mesh cover.

  • The best thing about the mesh cover is you can see the status of your fish. When it turns brownish at the sides, lift up the mesh cover and turn the uncooked side of the fish over.

  • Put back the mesh cover. Until the other side of the fish is well cooked, crispy.
  • The mesh cover will prevent the hot oil from spitting your face as the net holes are very tiny.

  • Mesh cover is very convenient, protects your skin from scalds and prevent the oil from splattering everywhere.

Tip #3 : Buy a Deep fryer

  • When I had bought my Deep Fryer online, I was anxious to fry the fishes instead of potato chips.

  • Most of my friends claimed that deep frying the potato chips was easy as a pie, no worries at all but they had never try on frying fish yet. Well, I must say, this is the best Deep Fryer I had ever seen on TV and onsite at shopping mall.

  • Make sure that you had wiped clean the outer surface with damp cloth and washed the basket with tap running water. Wipe dry.

  • Install the handle of the basket properly until you can hear the click sound.

  • Pour in sufficient oil, not too much. Heat up around 3 minutes and slide in the cleaned fish slowly. Remember to remove any excess water from the fish.

  • Once you had placed the fishes properly, not pile up, you can close the Deep Fryer lid. It closes down tight that no splashing of oil would happen.

  • No smoky fish odor at all and the filter of the lid is washable too.

  • After 5 minutes of frying, lift up the lid and flip over the fish, close back the lid.

  • No vapor at all.

  • When the fishes are cooked, remove them with a pair of chopsticks. Use paper towel to absorb the excess oil from the fried fish.

  • No need to coat with flour either!

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Do you have your own methods to fry fishes?

What would you suggest?

Do share with me your opinion.

I would love to hear from you.

photo credits:

Photos taken by @Peachpurple with my Nokia N79 handset .

Please do not copy and paste these photos and drawings in this article elsewhere without written permission from me.

Thank you.

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11th Jul 2015 (#)

Very good reading about the fish peachpurple. Seems like the fish do not stand any chance against you!
Enjoyed the article very much.

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12th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks snerfu, nothing can stop me from frying fish now

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11th Jul 2015 (#)

Some great tips for cooking fish!

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12th Jul 2015 (#)

thanks mark, hope that you can share this article with your wife

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