How to Improve Your Cell Phone Battery Life

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The first sign of age on any cellphone is the battery life. This article will explain some tips on extending your cell phone's battery life

How to Improve Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Let’s face it. Nothing is more frustrating than a dead cell phone battery. We have become so reliant on these devices that anything that prevents us from being connected 24/7 is a problem. And with all the new features included in modern cell phones, the battery drain is increased. So how do you make your cell phone battery last longer? There are a few tricks to increasing cell phone battery life.

The first trick is the easiest. Just turn it off. If you are not expecting a call, or in a situation where you can’t take a call, turn it off. Your provider’s voice mail system will still answer the call. In fact, it will get to voice mail quicker.

The second idea involves the ringer and vibrator. First, don’t use vibrate if you don’t need it. The vibrator uses more power than the ringer. The second choice would be to use one or the other where possible. If the phone has to go through the vibrator and then all the way through the ring cycle, that’s a lot of power for a call you probably aren’t going to take anyway. And speaking of noises, turn off all the key and button noises. They are unnecessary and use power.

A major drain on power in any device is the light. Turn off the backlight on the phone if you don’t need it. And when you do need it, turn the power down as low as it will go and still be useful. Also, most functions that use a light have a timer on it. Set it as short as possible, so the light shuts itself off quickly.

Another huge drain on battery life are the various transmitters and receivers on the phone. The phone uses enough power just looking for a cell signal. If you don’t use them, turn off Bluetooth, and any Wi-Fi or infrared signal your phone might have. Also, this may take a little digging, but turn off the phones auto time setting function. If your phone has to check the time every few seconds, that can be another drain.

The environment can also be a drain on a battery. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold will drain a battery quickly. Try and avoid situations where your phone will be left in a place where the temperatures are very hot or very cold.

Obvioiusly, how you use the phone can have a great impact on the life of the battery. If you are in a situation where you need to conserve the battery life, keep the calls short. Phone calls are the number one drain on battery life. Also, don’t waste battery life on other functions such as games, internet, or GPS features.

Proper charging and discharging a battery can prolong the life no matter what kind it is. One problem with this is the need to completely discharge the battery on nickel based batteries. One easy solution is to get an extra battery. Not only does this give you a backup in emergencies, but some batteries can be left in the charger to be always ready.

A little common sense and proper care can keep your battery charged and ready for that next important phone call.


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