How to Load Facebook Full Site on Mobile Phones

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In this post I will teach you, how to get and load Facebook full site on mobile phone. You can launch he full desktop version of Facebook on iPhone or Android devices without any login problems.

Access Full Facebook Website on Mobile Phone

Hope you will like my useful tutorial about how to get Facebook full site on mobile. Most of the smart phones including Android, Windows and iPhone come with a builtin in Facebook app feature, or users only know how to get a FB app from Apple store or Goggle’s Play. There are many Facebook addicted users out there who don’t like the minimize features of their Timeline by using a smartphone app. You have nothing to worry because I just discover a cool handy trick to access full Facebook desktop site on iPhone and Android phones. So here we go.

How to launch Facebook full website on phone!

1. Simply login to your Facebook account the app version of your phone, better you enable the save password option if you are the only user of your cell phone.

2. Now go to your phone browser and type the in address bar and hit the Enter or Go button.

3. Sign in again if it asks for a login, in most devices it do not ask for a login if you are already signed in on your Facebook app.

4. Always type the header 'www.' before typing the main URL of Facebook home page i.e.

5. Now you can successfully visit and browse the Facebook full site with your mobile phone, you can also apply the same trick for loading the desktop versions of other social networking sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter.

Quite often I find myself wanting to delete my Facebook. As much good as it offers (such as staying connected with people I don't get to see anymore and keeping communications going with people I've just met), I'm really finding it unbearable to read some of the nonsense people will post publicly for others to read. I'm pretty sure that if I only talked to the people I saw in person and never had to read another silly Facebook post that my life would not miss out on anything drastic by not being able to communicate or know the whereabouts of the majority of my "friend's" list where hatred and ignorance is in plenty. Where words become nonsensical syllables and sentences become a cluster fuck of noise. As much of a social person as I tend to be, I'm finding it harder and harder to want to be around people! For the most part....I'm always smiling, and I'm always a joy to be around. I don't want your advice on life, I don't need your silly rhetoric statuses, I sure don't need your opinions on how others should live, and history and volume does not dictate true or false...right or wrong.....good or bad.

I've not met a person yet (that is living) that I feel like trying to model myself after, because I've not met a person as content with "life and reality" as much as I. I've not met a person that knows better about my life more than myself, and most of the people that will offer the most criticism....I kind of look at and see their misery, and I'm sorry....I don't want to be miserable like you. I don't ever really know why I write these other than....I just have some stuff I like to get off my head every now and then, and one of those things in this very moment is.....there is not a single person on this earth qualified to dictate the rules of living to somebody else. There is no piece of paper, parchment, or book that has all the answers. There is no reason or rhyme that we as humans can perceive. But, we are here....and this is now. Breathe, accept it, coexist, and smile. There are changes to be made, and history to be fulfilled. We are a legacy....we are the future. And what that will be is up to us.


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11th Apr 2014 (#)

Wow, it really helps me to access Facebook desktop site without any login problems on my iPhone 5.

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