How to Make Money from your Blog Page Views.

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How to monetize your blogs page views instead of relying on unpredictable clicks.

How to Make Money from your Blog Page Views.

A lot of times it is discouraging starting a new blog we pour our heart and soul into it (or at least a whole lot of time and effort) and it takes forever to see any monetary results for our efforts and a lot of us give up before we even get there.

I not going to say Google AdSense isn't good but it is difficult and takes time to be approved so what to do in the meantime? You can use a competitor - I found Chitika to be the most similar and the easiest to be approved by but in order to earn any money your viewers need to click on your advertisements and a lot of us know that rarely happens.

CPM Advertisements

So then what is the alternative? You can use Pay per View advertisements or commonly known as CPM advertisements (Cost per 1000 Impressions - M is the Roman Numeral for 1000). There are several sites that offer CPM advertisements including Google AdSense the only downfall is that a lot of these site require high number of unique visitors per month - upwards of 25,000. Not an easy feat for a new blog.

Smowtion - Its difficult to determine how much they pay; one site claims they pay 0.0002127 others say it's between 0.41 to $1.42 per 1000 impressions but you receive more if the readers clicks the ads therefore it's difficult to calculate. Smowtion is extremely easy to sign up with and they don't seem to have any minimum requirements for views in order to qualify. I had 300 views at the time I signed up and it took 3 hours to verify my account however they have an extremely high threshold with a minimum payout of $100.00.

If you want to make money off all your page view (instead of just click throughs) then I would recommend joining Smowtion which will work in conjunction with most of your other advertisements. If you have high page views I would recommend a higher paying company.

I have just recently joined Smowtion (2 days ago) and have just made my first cent - I'm not going to be rich anytime soon but not bad for getting 30 page views a day and growing slowly.

Want to join Smowtion? You can join here - if you use my referral link you will receive 80% revenue instead of 60% for the first 6 months.

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23rd Dec 2012 (#)

Thanks KristenAnne for this useful share. I have to take a good look to see to the possibilities - siva

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