How to Make Money in Miscellania - Making Money in Miscellania on Runescape

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How to maximise Miscellania earnings on Runescape and make millions of gp

Making Money in Miscellania

Let's assume you've completed the Throne of Miscellania quest and are now ready to earn lots of GP from your new kingdom.

Firstly, ensure you've also completed the Royal Trouble quest. This will ensure you also receive a proportion of Etceteria's earnings.

Secondly, deposit at least one and a half million GP into Miscellania's treasury. Any less and your earnings will be less. Investing more will not return you much more, but you can go longer between visits to your kingdom. Return every week and top up the treasury again so it is always at least one and a half million GP. Also do some fishing, mining or woodcutting to keep your approval rating at 100% every week.

Thirdly, check your distribution of the kingdom's efforts. At present, if you have completed Royal Trouble, you will have 15 workers and need to direct their efforts effectively to gain the most GP.

At present with the prices of herbs, I would recommend placing 10 workers on herbs and 5 on fishing or cutting maples. This will ensure you receive at least 140 000 GP a day assuming you've implemented ALL the tips in this article. This will more than double your weekly investment in Miscellania and you will have at least 500 000 GP a week profit for doing very little. If you're very lucky, with cutting maples, you may get a lot of bird nests and rare seeds which will push your earnings up even further.

In one month you could have earned over 2 million GP easily!

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