How to Prepare Easy Home Made Food for Pet Rabbits

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The page is about preparing food for house rabbits. Commercial rabbit pellet food is not only expensive, it can never be a complete food substitute. What we have presented here is not a substitute to green grass, but is useful when green fodders become scarce. Also, the food presented here can help rabbits to keep their teeth growth under control.

Rabbits grow very fast and need regular supply of food to keep happy

Many people keep rabbits at home as pets. When I bought my rabbits, the seller told me that they would eat everything and the kitchen waste we generate would be best utilized as food for rabbits. But this was not true. I got two small rabbits and for 4-5 days the vegetable cuttings from the kitchen was sufficient for them. But they grew very fast and soon we had to collect grasses and other green leaves for them. Then, there were seasons when we were not able to gather enough green fodder for the rabbits from the compound we live.

Some Facts about Rabbits

Rabbits are not bigger rats or rodents, although some of their activities and characters do coincide with those of rats. The actual species they belong to is called lagomorphs. Lagomorphs are different from rodents in many ways, but many people consider them alike because of their ever growing front teeth. One of the most distinctive features of lagomorphs is that their two types of feces. One type is semi solid feces, which is nothing but half digested food that they eat instantly after release. The other type is round shaped dry feces. Rabbits have very high reproduction rate they grow very fast. Rabbits drink a lot of water. It is believed that they can drink as much as a dog that is 10 times more in weight. A small rabbit can jump up to 3ft high if needed. They can easily see behind them but are unable to see things which are just in their front. They have blind spot in front of their face owing to their eye position. They are very timid animals and they can die from heart stroke even at the sight of a predator animal due to fear. Although we love non-vegetarian food, I have never eaten (may never eat in future too) rabbit meat. However, many people say that it is one of the tastiest and leanest meat available.

Rabbit Food: Homemade Food for the Pet Rabbits

Rabbits are herbivorous. They eat green grass, hay, fruits vegetables and so on. Along with green fodder, it is also advisable to offer them some dry grass and hay. This is because, since their front teeth is always growing, they would always like to chew something. Dry hays come handy for the purpose and the rabbits would keep on cutting and chewing hay. However, it may not be always possible to collect green fodders if you live in urban areas. After going through some manuals for rabbit farmers, I prepared a food for my rabbits that they loved a lot. I offered that to them even if they had hay. I find it much easier to make and much cheaper to commercial pellet food available for rabbits.
Ingredients for Preparing Rabbit Food at Home

Proportions used below is for preparing 1 kilogram food for rabbits
Dry hay or grass 350 grams (many people suggest alfalfa, but any nutritious fodder grass used for cattle would do for rabbits also).
Dry azola (150 Grams)
Whole wheat 150 grams
Maize 100 grams
Green gram 100 grams
Black gram 75 grams
Rice paddy 75 grams

Process of Making Rabbit food at Home

In a frying pan take around 1 kilogram powdered salt and heat the salt on stove. Once the salt is hot, puff fry maize, wheat, green-gram, black-gram and rice paddy one after another on hot salt. All these ingredients would puff and swell. Once they puff up, break these in a grinder lightly not to make a powder flour, but just to break the ingredients into pieces.
Cut the dry hay and azola and blend it with the broken ingredients by using the blender/ mixer/ grinder for half minute. Store the output and give around 30 grams per rabbit per day as food along with clean water. I am sure your rabbits would love it. Please remember that your rabbits would be better-off with more vegetables, green grasses and fruits. This recipe although rich in protein, should be used only as add on to the regular green diet.


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That is a nice article on preparing food for rabits at home!Thanks for sharing!

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Good day,
The info was very clear and helpful but I just want to clear one thing and that is...I am going to get New Zealand whites soon which would weigh around 3kg, so do I need to feed the 30 gms of your recommended feed or raise the amount and by how much ?

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