How to Prevent from Virus without Antivirus Software

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This tutorial is for preventing from virus without antivirus. In this you need to use Task Manager and you have to check constantly, which types of process are running.

How to Prevent from Virus without Antivirus Software

In computer world 90% peoples are using antivirus for preventing from virus and other are not using any type of antivirus but most of them are can’t prevent from virus. Here I will tell you the trick with that you can prevent from virus without any type of antivirus software.
Here for this you need to use Task Manager, which will kill the task of virus but for this you need to understand which use full for your computer and which not.
First thing for this is that you should know which type of softwares are installed in your computer, if any unusual or unknown software is installed, then quickly uninstall it, because most of problem is given to computer by that type of Unknown softwares, so just Uninstall it.

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I give you some tip to recognize which one is required and which not, but first is how to open Task Manager, there are many ways to open task manager all of them is listed below.
- Press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” after that click on “Start Task Manager”.
- Open Run and write “taskmgr” and press OK.
- Quick way is directly press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc”.

After that in Windows Task Manager you can see there are 5 different types of tabs on top now you need to select “Processes”. Now you can see there are many processes are working on your computer and in other tabs you can see Performance and used space of your Physical Memory means RAM and Kernel, and in application you can see how many applications is running you can stop them for that list directly or stopping their process.

Now through the use of Task Manager you will stop viruses from working, for that you need to open processes tab on Task Manager and see description part of process in that part all functionality is described, if you think that it improper process is running, then right click on that process and press “End Process Tree”, here you can see there is other option named “End Process” with using End Process you can kill that process only but by clicking End Process Tree you will kill all thread of process, so End Process Tree s better for us.

In starting sometimes you kill some important process and computer will get restart, after that note that process and than never touch that process.

After some time you got perfection in this work. This will prevent your computer from virus and also prevent from unusual process so PC’s speed will increase.
So do it and be happy.

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