How to Protect Your House From Termites

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Termites ruin more homes every year than do fires or floods. The estimated damage amounts to $2.5 billion in US alone.

Don’t Let Termites Ruin Your Home

Houses are attractive to termites because most houses contain two main food ingredients for termites- water and wood. They digest the cellulose in wood for their energy needs and require moisture to avoid drying up. It's possible to have a very grave termite problem without being aware of it since evidence of termites is often concealed in places like mud tunnels or other places that may be unseen.

Think about where the wood in your house is located," says Dr. Ken Kukorowski, an entomologist. "It's behind your walls and mostly 'out of view.'" Subterranean termites, which includes Formosan termites, could enter a house from the ground or coming from aerial infestations but the termites that will attack your home are eventually connected eventually to the ground or a different source of moisture in the house such as water leak or condensation.

The key defense against termites is to prevent their easy access to your habitation.

* Fix roof leaks and plumbing.
* Divert water drains at least 18 inches away from your home with properly working gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks.
* Store firewood at least 10 feet away from the base of your house.
* Do not allow mulch or soil to touch the siding on your house. It is better to keep it just about a foot away.
* Eliminate all "wood-ground" contact on your home unless the wood is pressure treated, which can be safe for soil contact.
* Seal foundation crevices to help keep moisture off.
* Hire a professional pest control service to do a yearly inspection.

Avoiding termite infestation or getting rid termites is an important task to ensure that your dream home does not end up as a nightmare.

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7th Sep 2012 (#)

That was an intersting and practical way of peventing the termites. I know what are the problems these termites can create! I had to pay through my nose to get rid of them to the pesticide agency! Thanks for the share!

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