How to Provide Direction? B-Schools Way

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In order to get or give direction, selection of an approach is important. In many cases, an inappropriate approach can lead to reverse effect. One effective method is a case study approach. One can learn a lot by reading a case study, an approach which separated the B-Schools style of teaching from the rest.


Education can give shape, but their are other ways too. For example, I once saw in a building for imparting a feeling of goodness and benevolence, some people started putting certain religious figures pictures in building’s lift. Though, not from same religious background, I felt happy because residents day always starts by watching images which helps in developing a positive feeling. Since, God is one and religious figure does not matter much. The intention was good and this approach worked for to certain extent as people like me were receiving message. However, excessive use of such religious pictures all around the place can create tensions between different religious groups as it may be perceived by other groups as sign of domination. This can lead to competition to be on the top leading to the loss of the real meaning behind such images.


In another case, local political party in one of the states of India took a very radical approach to uplift the native people in 2007-2008 like using chastity garter to identify cheating girlfriends. They targeted a particular type of migrants in the state and launched riots against them in order to evacuate them from the state. In the process, they violated the basic right of the Indian people to stay anywhere in India. This resulted in lot more negative publicity and cry for foul play by the people from all walks of life. They were even blamed for cheap tactics to gain favoritism in the state as they were partial to migrant type, ignoring the threat for its native people who are visiting other states, destroying the state resources and creating a divide among fellow Indians. In one of the most gruesome case, the innocent students from other states were brutally killed just because they had come to give an exam. As a result, it could never become a dominant party in the state.


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