How to Save your Laptop

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Now a days Laptop is our most useful and needy electronic gadget and it is very important to keep it safe. The Laptop time life span will be very long if one keeps it tidy and safe. How to save your Laptop..Here are some tips... Read....

How to Save Your Laptop

Do you love your Laptop? It may be silly question. Every gadget lover should love his/her laptop most. The question is how much attention you are paying on your laptop? Here some more safe and easy going tips to make your laptop keep safe and shiny.

Tip #1

It is better for you to keep your laptop away from liquids and moisture. A single spill of liquid is very disastrous for your valuable laptop. It is also important to remember to keep away your laptop from direct sunlight.

Tip #2

It is better for you to use external mouse in stead of internal so called bio mouse. It makes your laptop touch pad does not wear out any away. It is also advisable to use external key board whenever possible.

Tip #3

As long as we are using the laptop , we use our fingers on the key board and on the screen. It makes a lot visible and invisible marks. So Before closing your laptop it is better for you wipe the key board and touch pad with soft velvet cloth. You can prevent marks on your device.

Tip #4

When you buy your laptop you are given coolpad for it making the heat of power less. If you are not given the cool pad , it is better for you to have a new one from a departmental store or a local electronic shoppe. If your room is air conditioned, there is no problem. Otherwise, it is advisable to use cool pas as long as you work on it. If you do not use cool pad, with the over heat, your laptop may be getting heat up.

Tip #5

for safety of your laptop from out side damages, you should always use a good laptop bag. It is better for you to have the one branded. It saves your device from the bad weather and any mishandling and rough handling.

Tip #6

Desk tops are totally different from it manufacturing or the internal parts of it. For the desk tops nothing is happened if not being shut down for days. But, laptops are delicate. So whenever you do not use it, just shut it down. Don't place laptop in your bag in safe mode or sleep mode.

Tip #7

Wipe the screen with velvety soft cloth whenever is possible. You can use cotton buds or vacuum cleaner to clean up the key pad and touch pad to make it clean through the gaps of it.

Tip #8

Reduce battery discharge by adjusting settings for optimal power and screen brightness. When you are using net on line , do not open more than two windows. Unplug the USB devices where there is no need . Switch off the blue tooth and keep speaker's volume down as possible as you can

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