How to Select The Right Boat Trailer

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It's important to take the time to become familiar with the factors that will help you select the best boat trailer. By making the right choice, you are protecting your investment in the boat, and ensuring safety for yourself and others on the road. With the right boat trailer, you can also optimize enjoy your boating experience and not struggle to get it in and out of the water.

Preliminary Questions to Start Your Boat Trailer Research

- Are you boating in fresh water or salt water?
- How much is in your budget? How much did you invest int he boat and how much do you want to protect that investment?
- Will you launching in shallow or deep waters?

Take Your Boat Measurements Before Purchasing the Trailer

It is important to have a few measurements on hand before you go to make a purchase. These include boat length, boat weight, and the measurement of the boat waterline. When calculating weight, don’t forget to consider the weight of he motor, battery, gas, and other cargo.

Understanding Safety When Purchasing Your Boat Trailer

Hauling heavy items should be done with caution. If you do not have the proper trailer to accommodate the weight of your boat, it is not only dangerous, you may be breaking the law. Consult your vehicle’s safety operators manual to find maximum towing weight, and check with your state department of transportation office to inform yourself of the laws.

Contrasting Bunk Trailers Roller Trailers

For launching and retrieving in shallow waters, roller trailers are best, as you won’t have to back the trailer far into the water. A bunk trailer utilizes a way to float your boat on and off at the launching place. This is better for deep waters and the trailer can be reversed fairly far back into the water. For aluminum boats with thin hulls, bunk trailers are considered best.

Choosing the Material that Your Boat Trailer is Made From

The 3 main types of trailers are refereed to as tubular, i-beam, and c-channel. Tubular box frame boat trailers protect brake lines. Aluminum I-beam boat trailers offer the best strength-weight ratio, and C-channel boat trailers are the most affordable. Trailers are generally manufactured from galvanized steel and aluminum. When choosing, weight and frequency of use may be factors to consider.

Buying A Used Trailer for Sale

The best way to avoid complications and keep things simple is by purchasing the boat and the trailer together. If you opt for a used trailer, take the time to check thing. It’s a good idea to test the brakes, lights, safety straps, and tire pressure. Make sure there is no rust and that all the bolts fasteners are in good condition.

The Right Trailer for Your Boat Saves You Money and Ensures Safety

When a good match is made between a boat and a trailer, the design of the trailer is aligned with your boat and all that it carries. Taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the various factors in purchasing a boat trailer can protect your investment, and help keep you and your family safe.


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