How to Speed up your Windows Computer for Free

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You do not need any fancy commercial software or hardware to speed up slow Windows OS. In actual fact, there are a number of ways you can speed up Windows PC without this. So here are a few tips that will assist in giving Windows a speed up.

How to Speed up your Windows Computer for Free

To begin with, you should consider taking advantage of the Windows PC tools that come with Windows. To this extent, there are a couple of system tools which are worth noting. The first is that of disk clean-up which will scan the HD for unwanted files. When this is done, the disk-clean up will remove the files. So to begin with consider making use of disk-clean up.

A second Windows PC tool that is worth taking advantage of is that of disk defrag. The disk defrag tool will scan the hard-disk. If the it finds cluttered files these can then be defragged. As such, hard-disk space will be expanded.

Overall, you should at least aim to keep about 25% free hard-disk storage. If you do not have 25% storage left, then perhaps consider removing any potential unwanted software. For this, you can go to the un-install Windows software option and browse a list of installed software. If there is any there you hardly ever use then perhaps consider removing it.

Another good tip to speed up Windows PC is to customize some of the display settings. For example, you can adjust and reduce the resolution and colours. This will certainly help speed up Windows.

To speed up the Windows start-up you really need to take note of the start-up software. That is to say, software that starts with Windows. If you have a lot of software which begins when Windows boots up then you should consider removing some of this software from start-up. To do this, first take note of the icons on the right-side of the task-bar. This is usually software that starts with Windows, and if you right-click the icons some may have an option along the lines of: 'Start with Windows start-up.' If so, then un-tick this option and the software will no longer start with Windows. Alternatively, freeware start-up software can assist with managing Windows start-up software applications.

Overall, there is a good variety of freeware utility software which can also speed up Windows. Recommended PC software includes Glary Utilities which has a number of options which could speed up Windows. Visit this Glary Utilties website for more details.

So, these are a few ways that you can speed up slow Windows for free. Make use of the Windows PC system tools, remove unwanted software, reduce the resolution, reduce the start-up applications, and consider the freeware Glary Utilities PC software for further options.


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