How to Synchronize XM Onyx with Car FM Radio?

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The following article will guide you on how to synchronize your XM Onyx with existing car FM stereo system.

XM Onyx (Model #: XDNX1V1)

XM Onyx is one of the first two satellite radios compatible with PowerConnect technology. PowerConnect is the term used by SiriusXM to refer to wireless FM modulation with the use of color-coded vehicle dock and built-in FM Transmitter.

PowerConnect Vehicle Dock Color Coding

1. Red – Power (for cigarette lighter adapter)

2. Green – Audio (for AUX cable)

3. Silver – Antenna (for satellite radio magnetic antenna)

4. BlueFM Direct (used if you wish to have a better reception using a permanent FM frequency). This works best for truck drivers who usually change frequency settings when travelling. FMDA requires professional installation. FM Direct Adapter comes in two types: FMDA25 for PowerConnect-compatible and XMFM1 for non-PowerConnect radios.

Synchronizing XM Onyx with Car FM Radio

When choosing to synchronize XM Onyx with FM radio using PowerConnect, you only need power and antenna connection. Be sure not to connect any cable to the green slot behind the dock of the XM radio.

Here are the steps:
1. Press the Menu button.

2. Scroll down to Factory Settings using the Arrow-Down Button.

3. Press Select (the round button between the arrows).

4. Highlight AUX Detect and Press Select. AUX Detect should be disabled and can be done by selecting the item and hitting Select again for confirmation after the prompt.

5. Press Menu.

6. Scroll down and highlight FM Settings and press the Select button.

7. Check if FM Transmitter says ON. If yes, proceed to the next option which is FM Channels. (Step 8)

If it says OFF, press the Select button to toggle from OFF to ON.

8. FM Channels will be highlighted. If it is not highlighted, press Down to scroll to and highlight FM Channels. Press the Select button.

9. Go to and enter your zip code. You will have 3-5 FM frequency options.

10. On the XM Onyx, select FM 1 (default on 97.9) and modify it by using the left and right arrow buttons. Press Select to confirm the chosen frequency. Please confirm if it says “current.”

11. Tune the car radio to the same FM channel you found in step 9.

12. You should hear XM Preview (Channel 1) through your vehicle’s FM radio. If you are satisfied with the sound quality, you’re done! If not, repeat the process using a different frequency provided.

Important Notes

- If the car radio still plays the regular FM station, change the frequency of the FM radio to any channel and after 10 seconds switch it back to the FM frequency previously selected.

- Aside from going to the SiriusXM website and entering the zip code, you can also manually tune to an unused frequency or a weak channel.

- The FM button on the XM Onyx allows you to preset the frequencies that you often use.

-SiriusXM Satellite Radio service is only available in the US and Canada. Subscription required.

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