How to Take Care of Your adoring Pets- 7 easy steps

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Taking care of your adoring pet is no doubt more than just supplying them the cheapest food you can find. Read on to find out how can your pet have a healthy and long life.


First Step

Make sure your pet is eating a food that suits his/her nutritional needs. It is good to buy natural pet food for your family member, not only he / she will appreciate it, but it will get more energy that helps him/her to stay healthy and happy. Just feeding them table scraps - no matter how attractive they are - is not a good idea, as they have some minerals and other elements that can be harmful to our cute feline and canine friends.

Second Step

Taking your pets to the walk can be a bonding moment between you and them. So, it is a nice idea to give them a chance to be with you during walk.

Third Step

Give a bath to your pet at least once or twice in a month. If you have a cat, bring it to your local vet to have a bath (that way you do not end up with a million scratches on you). There are also special shampoos available in shops which you can use on your pet. All they need is a towel and a loving hand. Brush your cat often so that you can be successful in giving bath to your pet cat with ease.

Fourth step

If you have a dog, make sure that you cut his / her nails every two months. If you have an indoor cat, and you do not want to see scratches everywhere in your house then it might be a good idea to get your pet cat de clawed. If you want to maintain his / her claws, you should spend a couple of dollars to invest in a good scratching post and taking the time to teach them how to use it. This will save you from several headaches later on.

Fifth Step

Just like you who have to go to the doctor for regular checks to ensure that you are healthy, you should bring your friend to the vet for a check -up as well. Since your pet can not speak, so only an expert can judge if your pet is good or not.

Sixth Step

If you have a cat, go to your local pet store and get a toy cat for him/her. Do not be surprised if your cat doesn’t like your chosen toy because cats are very picky. Keep trying and you will know that his/her favorite toy can be a light or a ball of rolled paper.

Seventh step

Above all, spend time with your pet. Let them know that you love them, and will be sure to love again. That way they will be familiar of your love and definitely show their association with you. Without any doubt love can wins the heart and pets are mere harmless beings. So, love them with care.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Nov 2014 (#)

No point in having a pet and neglecting it - they need emotional bonding like us - siva

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