How to Tell Fortunes with Dice (two dice system)

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A fun, quick system to tell fortunes that can be used by anyone with two dice and some spare time.

A quick introduction

One of my favorite methods of fortune telling involves the use of dice. It's not meant to be as far-reaching or as specific as astrology or numerology, it follows the old admonition to “divine short.” This quick, easy method of divination allows for concise answers that need very little interpretation. This is in stark contrast to tarot/playing card divination, and star charts, which requires a finely-tuned intuitive gift or an interpreter of at least respectable experience for any accuracy. This method can even be used as a game among friends, if you have a little time to kill and feel like trying something new. For best results, you could even write down the questions, write down your answers, and see how many you've gotten right (dice are sometimes used as a random number generator for testing cases of precognition, incidentally.)

A few things to remember

When using your dice oracle, there are a few things you must do, first. One, obtain a larger piece of paper and draw a circle on it roughly 6” - 9” (15.24cm – 22.86cm) in diameter. Two, when rolling your dice, should a die fall out of the circle you must disregard that die (hence the “one” value below.) Three, there is a tradition of not consulting the dice overly much. Some say no more than three times in seven days, others no more than thrice in a lunar month. I tend to consult them once a week when I need an immediate answer to a question. You are free to disregard the tradition as it suits you, I doubt fire will rain down from the sky.

The Interpretations

Below I have a list of meanings that I have used over the years. These are based on traditional interpretations, and I hope they are as useful to you as they have been to me.

1. Traditionally, that's a yes. You'll likely get what you're after, receive a positive response, or have a generally good time.

2. Traditionally, this is a resounding “no.” Try again, later, or give up on what you were asking. Or, if you're anything like me, try to figure out a good work-around.

3. Caution! Danger! Whatever the situation, show some care in handling it, because things might get a bit sketchy.

4. Likely a situation where you need to look before you leap (aren't they all, really?) A leap of faith will just give you a hard landing, look for a sensible way down, so to speak.

5. It looks like Lady luck loves you! Good luck is on its way, and it has your address. Are there any sweeter words to read when looking into our own futures?

6. Your road is most likely wide open so punch the pedal as hard as you can. Everything is turning up you, and things will go nice and smooth.

7. Keep going, keep fighting. Your outcome is determined solely by your own efforts. Not a comforting fortune, but at least you can control it!

8. Close your eyes and do some deep breathing. Patience is probably the best course if you want to obtain your desire.

9. You should find your endeavors quite successful. Remember, though, a wise man celebrates once everything is done.

10. It looks like you'll be suffering the sting of disappointment. Not so bad, all things considered, you could have rolled an “11” after all.

11. Impossible! The dice are saying that success is not just unlikely, but never going to occur. My advice? At least try to prove them wrong (unless your goal is insane or illegal, then at least sleep on it.)

12. You know that million-to-one thing you've heard about? The dice say that is the likely outcome, so either develop a new goal or go at it full-force.


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19th May 2015 (#)

very interesting, this is the first time I have ever read anything about dice fortune telling

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26th May 2015 (#)

fascinating share

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