How to Tunnel Bone a Leg of Lamb

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Recently I was following a recipe of a tasty dish with the main ingredient a tunnel boned leg of lamb. (Lamb and Vegetable Pot Roast – very tasty and nice!) The advice in the recipe was that the leg of lamb can be taken to any butcher who will gladly tunnel bone it for me. But then, why do not do it myself?

Follow these easy steps

At that point in time I already bought it and it would have been a waste of petrol and time to drive to the nearest Butchery. There and then I decided that to tunnel bone a leg of lamb cannot be that difficult. I could do it myself.
I was right - all you need is a sharp knife – that is all; oh yes, and just pure common sense!
Let’s try it:
1. Place the leg of lamb on a clean hygienic work surface with the skin side facing the work area surface with the thick end of the leg facing towards you.
2. With a sharp meat knife, cut around the edges of the pelvic bone at the thick end. Remember, the pelvic bone is the bone that is visible to you. This action will make the bone loose from the meat.
3. The next step is that you now have to make a deep cut around the pelvic bone itself until you have freed it at the joint and cut loose the tendons that connect the pelvic bone to the leg bone. The leg bone is the bone in the middle of the joint and not visible. The secret here is that you must keep the knife as close as possible to the bone in order not to cut away meat or to damage the meat.
4. Now you must remove the shank bone. Hold the shank bone at its tip and cut close to the bone to cut loose the tendons but once again, try to avoid cut the meat also loose without damaging it.
5. Now you can move down on the shank bone until it reaches the joint that connects it to the leg bone – once again, cut through the tendons at this joint and the shank bone can be removed.
6. The leg bone can now be removed too by gently loosening the meat at both ends of the bone.
7. Then finally, cut the meat from the bone and ease it out as you work.
8. The leg is now boned and the meat must be in one piece!
Try it!


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author avatar Denise O
12th Dec 2010 (#)

To be perfectly honest, I have never cooked lamb at home.
I have enjoyed it at times when the hubby and I go out.
You make it sound so easy.
Thank you for the tips.:)

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author avatar DanielDB
13th Dec 2010 (#)


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author avatar Greenfaol
4th Jan 2011 (#)

Great article, excellent advice. I have cooked lamb a few times, usually leg, or minced. This will be a new skill :D

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