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How do you use page tags or keywords? There is much psychology behind their use and corporations spend big money on getting this right. You should put some effort into getting your keywords right.

Can your Article be Found?

You have just finished it! Dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. It is your masterpiece, at least of everything you have written to date. No matter how good or informative your article it is of no value if it cannot be found by people interested in this subject.

Truth is without a good set of key words the chance of anyone finding your article is very slim indeed.

How do you get your Article Found?

It does not matter where you publish you article; on Wikinut, other paid writing sites, your own blog, or even an article published in a professional journal. Being found is all about the keywords or tags that you use. They must be focused and relevant to your article. If you were writing an article on how to make the perfect chocolate cake then all the keywords should be relevant to the article being produced. Think of a general set of words or phrases that are relevant to what you are writing. In relation to the subject of our fictitious article about chocolate cake. These could include some of the following:

  • chocolate
  • chocolate cake
  • baking
  • perfect cake
  • perfect chocolate cake
  • the way to your man's heart
  • yummy
  • delicious

You will see from this sample list that there are many words or phrases that could help to bring your article to the top of a Google search. There could be quite a large list of words that could be used to attract readers, some might include specific ingredients, others how we feel when we eat the cake, yet more about how you feel about the cake - e.g. "perfect".

The point being that these words are intended to 'advertise' your article to the person searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe. Tags, or keywords compliment the title of the article and the summary in that they draw in the reader.

So How do I add Keywords?

If you have created your list of relevant words or phrases then they need to be entered against the tags of keywords field in your page editor. All article publishing pages will have a "keyword" of "tags' field, like that shown in the example here.

Simply enter your words or phrases into this field.

One of the advantages that Wikinut offers is the ability to suggest possible key words or phrases. These are words or phrases that have previously been used by other writers. The advantage of this list is that they can augment your list, or even think of some tags that you may not have considered. These suggestions come from the words and phrases that other writers have used. Who would have thought of "Chocolate mug cake" as a possible key word, but there it is.

Just What are Page Tags or Keywords?

Tags are words of phrases, normally separated by commas. This field is used by the software to make a list of relevant words that are linked to the article from the search engines. It is vital that the field is used correctly.

You should never enter sentences or paragraphs in this field as they have no relevance here. You should put a list of all related words or phrases in here. But this should not be a list of the one thousand top search terms used on Google. This will not help people to find you article on making the perfect chocolate cake. You can add words like "delicious" or "yummy" because they are terms that a person may use when searching out chocolate cake recipes.

In fact that brings up a valid point - put yourself into the mind of the person seeking your article. What are they going to type into the search screen? Maybe it is "yummy chocolate cake", or perhaps "worlds best chocolate cake". You do not have to have all of these words in the same phrase, but a list that includes the following would help your article be found:

    chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, yummy, best, worlds best, delightful, recipe,

This is a small segment of a list that could be generated. I scan through my article for words and phrases that I have used that could be added to the list. You will see that I have added a comma at the end of the list. On some software this is compulsory, but for Wikinut it does not have to be included.

What are the Best Tags/Keywords?

This is something that is the subject of much commercial research, and as soon as that research is complete then the rules change on many of the search engines. My company will research the best use of keywords for clients when we are assessing the effectiveness of corporate websites. Corporations spend big money on this research and there is definitely a psychology around the best keywords to use for any website. Yet with the best of research it is still possible to "miss".

Truth is this is a very complex subject. and you should look at the words you use in your article to get the best impact on the search engines.

You Too can Make a Contribution

Have you ever considered making a contribution of your own? One way to express yourself is by joining Wikinut and become an active writer. Click here for more information. There are plenty of things that you will have expertise on. Share your experiences.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Excellent article! I often try to tell people to have at least 6 tags, so often I see great articles with only one tag.
I have recently rejected many with unrelated tags.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
12th Sep 2012 (#)

My dear Peter,
Thanks for sharing this valuable info. However, it would indeed be a great help if the moderator either adds some new tags or recommends to the author.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Peter B. Giblett
12th Sep 2012 (#)

GV, Just to make it clear moderators cannot add tags, neither can they edit them. I have made recommendations to authors, but sadly many writers that need to learn do not read the moderator comments.

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author avatar Retired
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Excellent article, Peter. Very informative and helpful.

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author avatar Vartika
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Very helpful tips, Peter. More so for beginners like me.. Thanks once again

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author avatar Retired
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Brilliant article and nice looking cake!

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author avatar lastay
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Helpful article.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Sep 2012 (#)

Very helpful, Peter. No easy way out to produce quality stuff - and I don't mean the yummy chocolate cake! siva

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author avatar Sangita Karki
13th Sep 2012 (#)

Very Helpful. Especially for me as I am still struggling with making my pieces of work visible and qualitative. Thank you.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
13th Sep 2012 (#)

Sangita, Quality is always important with everything we write. When we publish any article Google will always read the whole of it. Spelling is certainly one of the criteria that it uses. If you misspell a word in the title it can be fatal to your ranking. Being visible to the world is a changing science as each of the search engines alter their formulas constantly.

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author avatar patzwiki
10th Oct 2012 (#)

This is the kind of article that many online writers need. I once used words randomly but found out that Google's Keyword Tool is very much helpful.

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author avatar Rose*
17th Oct 2012 (#)

Great article. Another tip is to widen your vocabulary and use synonyms of your main keywords within the text to help Google find your work

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author avatar Ptrikha
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Some very great tips on using keywords.

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