How to Wax the Car

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Guide to wax the car quickly and efficiently. Get your paint look and protect it from external agents like pollution and dust in suspension.


Step by step how to wax the car successfully
When waxing the car you are protecting your painting, while your car is looking.

It is not necessary nor good to wax the car continuously, with two or three times a year is enough.
If the finish of your painting begins to look opaque it is time to wax it after a smooth polishing. When water does not form drops on the surface of the paint, it is time to wax the car.

To wax the car it is necessary to be perfectly clean so as not to generate scratches on the paint, it must also be dry and cold, ie at normal temperature, not under direct sun or hot engine.

How to wax the car
Taking into account these recommendations, the steps to wax a car are:
Step 1: Get a pair of clean cotton towels (no lint), car wax and fine or extra fine polish. It is important that the latter products come separately, and not in a single presentation.
Step 2: Apply the polisher, this will ensure a clearer shine, and is excellent for removing any small stain or rayon from the surface. Apply "El polish" in top-down sections (roof, chest, and trunk, right and left sides).
Use one of the cotton towels to apply it evenly with moderate and circular movements. Once you have completed a body area, you must give it 10 minutes to dry it, and then use a clean part of the towel to carefully remove the surplus.
If the paint was very opaque you may have to repeat the operation in those places where it has a shade or a dull brightness.
Step 3: Now apply the wax with a clean towel, using the same careful and circular motion. Also, wait 10 minutes until you notice a slight change in the color of the wax layer, and then carefully remove any excess that may be left in some area with the same towel.
Step 4: After 10 minutes and remove the remaining wax, to finish, rub the entire surface of the car vigorously with a clean cloth until obtaining an intense and even shine.



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