How to Win Games of FIFA Online – Tips, Tricks and Secrets

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Many people may struggle winning games of Fifa, especially online, here are some little known tips that should boost the amount of games that you win.

Tips, tricks and secrets

Fifa is a great football game to play online, it can become frighteningly addictive, providing euphoria when you win and immense frustration when you lose. How can you maximise that euphoria and minimise the frustration? The following tips should help you. There is no magical trick which will make you win every game, however there are a lot of simple skills which you can accumulate which will make you a much better player. Here are my tips:

Use the lobbed “through ball” more often. Often when you try to play in somebody with a ball along the floor, the opposition can block the pass even though you think you are in with a great chance of scoring. In stead, chip the ball over your opponents to take them out of the equation.

When attacking, hold L1/LB when you are passing to another player. This will make the player that is passing start to run into space once they have given the ball to their team mate, this can create many more chances.

Use the above tactics straight from kick-off, hold down L1/LB while you pass in the centre circle, then hold it down again, immediately passing to another player further back. The two players who kicked off will run towards goal, if you hold the ball for a short while and then play a lobbed through ball they may get a chance on goal. This works roughly 1 in 5 times for me, once you get the hang of it, it should work for you too.

If the other player is on top, try to get some possession. Don’t move the ball too quickly when you get it back, take your time, keep possession and try to create some space.
Frustrate the other player. It is surprising how well this can work, especially if you realise the other person is simply a better player than you. Try to keep possession, stop them from getting the ball and hold strong at the back. Often the other player will become frustrated and start forcing too many attacks which often have bad outcomes, ontop of this they will leave more gaps at the back for you to take advantage of.

Learn one or two skill moves in the arena and then use them in the game. If you master a couple of moves they will come in very useful when running down the wing. Don’t go over the top with these moves though, they can often work against you if you start trying to beat every opposition with a wiggle of the analogue stick.

Think. Don’t get caught up in a fluster, take a step back. If you aren’t doing well, don’t just continue in anger, try a different tactic, try to work out what is going wrong.

Good luck in your Fifa games online.


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author avatar D in The Darling
28th Feb 2011 (#)

Points well taken. Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming.

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author avatar Luke Facey
20th Oct 2011 (#)

Great tips, cheers.

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