How to Write in Your Own Words Using Paraphrasing Techniques (Guide)

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A short guide about how to write in your own words.

How to write in your own wors.

Using other words and ideas and turn them into yours with no apparent gaps needs some skills and fineness. Once you learn the essential factors of writing, like how to paraphrase? when and how to explore the quotes and how to extend the paper will make your work more authentic and reliable.
Followings are some tips that will let you know how to write in your own words or paraphrase online.

Get a complete idea of the passage:
It is very essential to be able to translate any document into your words when you researched about it. The first thing to do this is to understand the whole paragraph accurately. It means you need to know the idea not the meaning of words you don’t know. 

Keep the original aside and start writing:
The next step that comes after understanding the concept is to write the text. In this step, you need to set the original aside and write the topic in your own words. This will force you to gather some information that you remember from the actual paper. Do not do copy and paste thing if working digitally.

Add additional notes:
Now it’s time to add something new to the content. Add some information about the passage of what is the history of the event and where you got it. What comes before it? Also, write about the thing that readers want to know and didn’t get anywhere else.

Reread the original:
Now it’s time for you to check the unique double. Reread the original paper and find that did you write accordingly. Are all the information shared adequately by you that are given in the original text?

Use Quotation:
It is not necessary to use quotation in your writing but somehow if someone borrows the words from somewhere then use reference make the work reliable. The quotation is a way to give credit to the author from where you obtain the sentence.

How to quote effectively:
Here are the ways that can be used through which you can quote in a very useful way.

Decide when to quote:
The concept of the quotation is opposite to the paraphrasing.
You need to know when and how to use the quote in your writing. As it is of great importance if you want to make your writing more informative.

Use the direct quotation only. 
• To disagree with the author ideas
• Want to continue with the writer theme
• Want to demonstrate your thinking about the text
• To add power to your writing or to prove your argument using a meaningful quote

Use Proper Format:

Always check quote format before and after using it. A proper way to quote depends on the style guide you are using like APA, MLA, AP and Chicago style. Do not try to increase the quote length more than 3 to 4 line. Use blockquote formatting in case it is necessary to use the large quote. The name of the writer, book name, page number or any other relevant data should be written at the end of the quote.

Resource box:
If you want to get the most out of your content writing efforts, you can use a good free online paraphrasing tool.

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