How to be Blessed and Highly Favored

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In this world is it about perspective or reality? It's about reality and time dictates what that reality truly is.

Blessed and Highly Favored

I was having a rough day, make that some rough years... I had an issue that seemed would never end. For days, months, years, I had wrestled with this issue and weariness was upon me. My sleep was interrupted. My appetite was sporadic and mostly Haagan Daas. Attending church services were a source of anxiety and humiliation which left me looking and feeling haggard.

Gone was the glow in my face. Lighthearted was a distant, forgone memory due to the weight in my life. The foreboding "dark cloud" that would not go away. Discussing it with friends brought me no peace. Praying aobut it only reduced me to tears and depression. Abba, Abba had totally foresaken me. I was left alone daily grown to a husk of my former self with a burden that would not allow me any rest. I wrestled with it. I prayed about it. I called out to the heavens to deliver me somehow...yet there was nothing but silence.

Staying The Course

Through tears and silent moans, I stayed the course...Moment by moment lamenting my "lot" and resigning myself to the acknowledgment that this "thorn" would ever abide with me. I sought refuge in the Word of God and like a ray of warm sunshine breaking through the clouds, scripture spoke to me:

"Cast your burdens upon me..." and "I know the plans I have for you to prosper you and not to harm you..."

In that moment, I prayed to Abba and layed this awful burden upon the altar...and peace again filled my soul! The issue remained but it no longer stole my joy. My despair was replaced by divine love and the feeling of God's favor upon me despite my current "suffering".

I continued to read the Word of God more and more being fed spiritually and I grew stronger. My heart was enboldened and I experienced a vigor I had forgotten existed in the world. My sleep became deep and restful and God's Holy Word coursed through my soul and took root in my life.

I no longer responded to the mayhem of what I perceived but looked at it as God does as a fleeting circumstance that was not bigger than Him. The burder was present but I no longer felt downhearted because of it. I reached out to my fellow believers with encouragement instead of negativity. I prayed with love instead of with a cast down, defeated spirit.

Humilty and Patience

Days turned into months and before a year was past, the thorn disappeared. No longer did it vex me. The anxiety I experienced was resolved. The despair that was with me daily evaporated. I was rejuvenated in a way that is miraculous without any perscriptions needed. God had favored "the least one" among his children, me.

Through humility and patience I saw a side of my Abba that I did not know exist. I had wrestled with this "thorn" for so long on my own and seeking the insights of my friends when Jesus was the answer all along. No one had the right words. No human could comfort me. The Word of God was the balm that I needed all along and it was there all along waiting for me to just pick it up and receive God's healing from its marvelous words.

Step by Step

Step by step, anyone can find peace no matter what they are going through. First give whatever it is to the Lord. Second, read His Word and lastly RECEIVE it. I wore myself out trying to handle it my way when the glorious answer was there all along and waiting for me to humble myself, realize that I could not handlie the issue, it was handling me. " when I came to myself..."; when I came to the end of myself, God lifted me and delivered me!

What a marvelous gift the Word of God is! For all those who want to be delivered from that which is tormenting you, you can be, sometimes overnight and sometimes in time. Still, it is a wonder to breathe free air yet again!


Blessed, Favored, Humility, Patience

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