How to beat the exam fear? part 1

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Every student suffers from so called "exam fear", because of this exam fear most students will never do well in exams or they will have to do much hard work , although good grades can be accomplished easily.This article is written for serious ambitious students.If you want to have good grades without hard work, depression and stress, this article series is written for you. This is not a advertisement , it is serious content written by me. You will find tips available no where else.

Why should you listen to me?

Since, i joined school, I stood at the first position in my class for continuous seven years. When i joined high school entire situation was different, Chemistry was too much tough to be understood, i was continuously receiving "F" grade in mathematics, i hated physics problems, study life was a great problem, i was depresses and stressful.I wondered with these poor marks how am i ever going to do well in my career? my job? my future? and what about the upcoming examination?
I almost felt i am going to be failed. I joined coaching center but they could not convince me to do well in exams.
My future was dark. It was the time , when my father took the matter in his own hands. He gave me a secret technique. I am going to share with you the same technique.After using these tips, my grades gradually improved. And now i have finished my High School with 92% marks.
i have achieved this goal without hard work. i enjoy my student life, spent some hours weekly on study and i am really happy. Now let me tell you what you can expect in these series of articles...

What this information can do for you?

You will enjoy your student life.
You will be completing your assignments more easily than you thought.
if you are receiving "F" grade in a subject, you can expect to get an "A" without any hard work.
You will be impressive in both your work and class.
You will have a bright future, you are brilliant, talented and just by using these techniques your talent will shine.
You will love learning.
A new learning path will unfold it self to you. If you are serious about your career and education, read on...

What is education?

Napoleon hill said in his famous book, "Think and grow rich", "an educated man is the man, who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire any thing he wants ".
This is the right meaning of education! That's why we study. We want to develop our talents, discover our unlimited potential ! Discover true meaning of education.Don't let your talent die, Now we should get to the point. I have to cover some back ground topics, but i think some work should be done now.

Some questions

Now be honest with your self. Take out a piece of paper and a pen.Answer these questions:
1. Which subject is most frustrating to you?
2. Why do you hate this subject?
3.Name the teacher you don't like?
4. Write down the time you study?
5. Do you want to study?
6. DO you want to spent time in school?
7. Do you enjoy student life? In what ways?
8. Are you depressed while writing your assignments?
If answer to 5,6,7 question is NO real work is to be done!
I am going to give you the name of my secret technique, do a little search and check out it's background. It is newborn technique, use it for your benefit in every walk of life!

My secret technique!

I haven't explained the background of my technique, but i am restless i want to tell you about it.
i want to share an experience with you!
when i was 5 years old, i was slapped badly by my math teacher. I couldn't write the counting table of 2. In fact i was looking at the balloons and i forgot the counting table. My teacher slapped me, some years later, in my algebra class , mistakenly a minus sign was put instead of positive sign.My answer in test was completely wrong because of this mistake. I failed in my test, after that i couldn't do well in mathematics.
We all are living in a physical body, we are intellectual beings with our spirtual bodies.When a bad experience happens to us, when we feel guilty or ashamed, when we are hurt, our energy body is hurt.
When energy body is hurt, we can feel this emotional pain in our whole physical body, this pain is memorized in our sub conscious mind.
As our learned actions are controlled by subconscious mind, we will repeat our mistakes again and again, until the cause of emotional pain is removed from energy body.
In answer to this problem, a technique named E.F.T. is developed. You can go to or just write EFT in any search engine and you will be taken to their site. Eft removes the emotional burden from our spirtual bodies and we feel free and happy.
This technique was developed as a result of chinese healing method "acupuncture". Chinese used needles, but we will be using our fingers and we will be gently tapping on certain points of body.
I will cover a lot more on this topic in the next article. if you have the time, check out EFt. it is really a nice technique.

A few tips!

1. First of all write down, what grades do you want in the upcoming exams? Don't consider, your time and effort. Remember, while writing your goals, feel free to fly over the entire universe.
2.Put these grades, on a result card and place this result card in front of your bed or some place, where you can see it before going to sleep.
3. Now before having dreams, dream a little. Visualize yourself, already having this grades.
4. If you do have problem in visualization, tell me what are you feeling?Write down this feeling. Can you give me the intensity of your feeling? Rate your feeling from 0 to 10.0 being no problem at all, 10 is the highest problem intensity.
Do this. i will meet you soon, with my next article. Enjoy youth, student life, discover your unlimited potential, You are unlimited being. tz.


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It is the nightmare of students. Thank you dear.

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thanks sir!

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I will be glad to help, if students share their problems with me. And please give me your comments about this article. Your comments are really helpful. thanks. tz

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