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If authors are the lifeblood of Wikinut, then our moderators are its kidneys - filtering, cleaning and removing the rubbish. If you're still interested, read on.

What does moderation involve?

Each time an author submits a new page for publishing, it drops onto a moderation queue. Every one of these pages needs to be assessed by a moderator to ensure that it meets our quality and content guidelines.

Moderators also help feedback suggestions to authors as to how they can improve their pages, and decide which articles receive awards such as star pages.

Finally, if a page that a moderator reviewed is subsequently changed, they will be first in line to re-moderate that page. Basically, moderators are the quality assurance part of Wikinut.

How do I become a moderator?

Our admin team invites authors to become moderators; there is no formal application process. We choose from the best of our authors - that is, those who have written a decent number of pages which are of an excellent quality and who understand the ethos of the Wikinut community.

How much do I earn?

As described on our 3 ways to make money page, moderators earn 5% of the total revenue generated by the pages they review.

So for every £100 of advertising revenue generated, the authors would receive £50, and the moderators £5. This revenue is for the lifetime of the page, and not just a one off payment.

For pages that are edited after they are first published, the last moderator to review that page will get 48 hours to re-moderate. If they fail to review the page within this period the page will fall back into the normal queue and another moderator will then pick it up and be paid any future revenue.


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