How to become a useless guide? Warning Signs

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It is not an easy job to become a guide. Knowing your capability is not sufficient, you also need to understand the needs of your apprentice.

We Don’t Realize

Many people have the feeling to help others. They want to provide guidance on how to do things in life. It is seen by many as good characteristic if your guide goes an extra mile but many times they just go too extra that it makes their guidance irrelevant to say the least.

Change is not always good

Sometimes, they even try to change the system to such an extent that it goes totally out of their control. For example, different people define poor in different sense like person owing a car calling a person without car as poor, landless person is poor in the eyes of person owing land. Many ways poverty has been defined by the individuals, communities, society and states.


One of the most common standards used globally is per capita income to make a decision about one’s living conditions. People living in an isolated tribal village are considered poor by so called rich nations. I once had a chance to visit a tribal village, which was very much isolated from the modern world and hence had no idea about how poverty is defined. When I asked them that do you think you are poor. Do you think your life is having any kind of problem? Do you think that you need any kind of external support for making your life better? Are you satisfied with your life?
What they answered was a shock to me.....

We don’t Realize

The way we perceive life is not the only reality. The perceptions are like leaves on a tree, which are needed by the tree for survival but are different from each other (not sure do expression profiling of each leaf). It is important to not to interfere in any system just because they are not suited to your needs or thinking. It is important to know that systems naturally evolve to adapt to the changes and artificial evolution has potential to bring more harm than good.


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