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It's a funny thing, but I do meditate and develop my inner self, and I want to share some of that with my readers. Not so much to preach, but just to say that "yes, there are things about the mind that we must understand that are more than the usual", and that I do not just explore them, but use them also. This article is primarily influenced by Harold Morrow Sherman's ideas also. Look him up on Google and Yahoo.

Meditation and relaxation are not mystical states, they are realistic, I show how here:

With a little effort going within, almost anyone can relax and meditate. Whether it is looking at yourself differently in an introspective way or sitting in a park with eyes closed and going within for awhile. It is always possible to meditate and relax. For relaxation and meditation are natural abilities. In fact they are starters for the most powerful things we can do in life, beginnings of clairvoyance, psychic phenomena and the like. It is not good or bad, it is just part of the higher abilities of the mind, soul and spirit.

The most powerful abilities ironically, are the most simply used ones. Meditation and contemplation are one of those abilities. So, start by imagining this: You are deeply concentrating on a point of space in reality, it could be on an interesting looking tree, house, a moment in time or anything. There you go, that is the beginning of contemplation and meditation.

Sure, I could make it more complicated sounding. But is it so complex or complicated from the start? No, it is not. What is complicated though, are our perceptions and preconceptions of the realities of meditation and relaxation. In fact, as I write this article, I can honestly say that I am relaxing right now and letting the ideas flow out of me.

What it takes to relax, be clairvoyant and other things

Relax and be more open minded for starters. That is really where it all starts deeply and in a shallow way. Without that relaxed, realistically open mind, you cannot start anywhere or anyhow. A completely closed mind thinks that nothing is possible and that "this is all there is" and that everything is "cold logic" without any depth or dimension to it.

I remember watching "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", you know, the first Star Trek movie and thinking about something the Spock character played by actor Leonard Nimoy said: He said that a simple feeling is beyond all cold logic and pure closed mindedness. A simple feeling like love or friendship. When your mind is open, especially in a rational way that is open to perception, all things are possible and so much more than just the average is realistic. After all, as the Huxley's said in their works about perception, and "cleansing the doors of perception", reality is much more than it appears to be to all who are closed minded. It starts there.

"I think, therefore I am", courtesy of Rene Descartes

I mean, think about it, Rene Descartes was right. Once you start to think creatively, which is the sense I understand he meant the quote in the title, everything is possible through creative consciousness. Without creative consciousness, there is and seems to be just cold, limited, "realistic" logic that really is limited and unrealistic.

Reality is more than it "seems to be" on the surface. Let us start there and end with something like. What can be conceived and believed creatively, yet realistically, can be achieved. After all, what was the state of space flight two hundred years ago? Reality is more than just limited and idiotic thinking anyway about what is not possible. Let us start with what is genuinely possible.


I could write more sections on this subject now, but, it is as simple as the premise: Decide it is there and it genuinely is, because what we can creatively come up with "unrealistically" is what is genuinely possible. Right down to the "Star Trek" cell phones most of us use every day or Spacex Corporation eventually making space travel an everyday thing ultimately. I will just say, possibility starts with an expanded reality.

There is always more to learn, but never the same exact lesson

All right, I do not believe in pedagogical infinities universally, meaning that, mastery is possible for everyone if they want it enough, at some time. But, I do believe in repetition and memorization to universally learn in the best ways.
Let me explain: There are some books I read once or a couple of times and "get easily" or understand too well, easily, and there are some books I read over and over mastering their knowledge like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and his related works, "The Magic Of Believing" by Claude M. Bristol, and Harold Sherman's work related to Claude Bristol, also Thomson Jay Hudson's works like "The Law of Psychic Phenomena", "The Divine Pedigree of Man", Dr. Robert Anthony's works, Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret", and Richard Bandler and John Grinder's Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certain Spiritual Texts and the like. My point is that it depends on the knowledge and the use of the knowledge to me when it comes down to it. There is always something to learn, but it all depends on the use and practicality of the lessons to me.

Look, when I said all that about "I think, therefore I am" in the beginning of this article, I meant it. But also, I meant it in the sense that mastery is possible for everyone that thinks consciously and deeply about everything they experience and understand it ultimately also.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
1st Jan 2017 (#)

Now let God listen and laugh and make a decision whether to release the records of life to humans trying hard to be God. By all means write your own records!!!!

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8th Jan 2017 (#)

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing your personal views and the sources that informed your awareness.

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