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So you've written a few pages and now want to take it to the next level. How can you get more readers and ultimately more revenue? Read our 4 steps to climbing the Wikinut tree.

Choose your topic

First things first. You find it a lot easier to write interesting articles about subjects that fascinate you. You may think a page about the next election will get a lot of interest and make you look intelligent, but if you're bored silly by politics it will come across in your article.

You'd be better off writing about Big Brother or the latest reality TV show to which you've become strangely addicted. If you need some help with ideas, check out our 8 ideas for Wikinut articles.

Don't be afraid to return to a subject

Just because you've written one article about a topic, we've no rules to stop you writing a second. In fact, building a hub of pages can be a great way of boosting traffic to the first related page you wrote.

By interlinking all pages of the same subject, you'll begin to create your own virtual website about that topic - which will always be better than a single page, no matter how good that page is.

And your readers will thank you for the additional detail and info the other articles provide. Why leave your readers wanting more when you can give it to them with another page.

Read your comments

People love to get involved, and so if your article stimulates them they're more likely to give you feedback via the comment form.

It's a fair assumption that your articles that get the most feedback are generating the most interest. So look into these page - what is it about them that is making your readers respond? Can you replicate this in your next article?

Check your stats

We try to provide you with all the stats you need to see which articles are getting the most attention. Much like comments, page views (or the number of times a page has been read) are a measure of interest.

Treat them as a TV company uses audience ratings. If people like something, give them more. This comes back to our second point above.

And then look at the trends. Do some pages get a big spike of traffic, and then depressingly little? Perhaps you're writing articles about events at too late a stage to take advantage of the build up. Or maybe it's a question of updating - a great article could continue to garner interest log after it's natural sell by date with a few tweaks.

Hopefully we've given you something to think about... now get Wikinutting!


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