How to change a flat tire

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In this article we show you how to change a flat tire on your own where there is no mechanic.

How to change a flat tire

A flat tire is the last thing to need when you are driving your car. It is quite an annoying experience for any driver.

The problem is that you can get a flat tire anywhere! anytime!
As a driver you should always be ready to repair a flat tire which means you will need the knowledge and the right tools.

Your car should always have a puncture repair kit just in case you need to repair a flat tire. There are some simple to do rules that will help you seal up a flat tire within a few minutes. You will need to be equipped with the following;

1. A screwdriver
2. A puncture repair glue
3. A wrench
4. A pressure gauge
5. An air pressure pump

You should identify the point at where the air is escaping from the tire before replacing it. Sometimes you will be able to see a hole while at other times it will take you a while before you locate the point that needs sealing. You have to carefully check the tire critically to find out where the hole is. You can do this by filling up the tire partially with air using an air pressure pump.

First of all remove the tire of the car using the wrench unscrew the wheel and place it on the ground once done. Inflate the tire using the pressure pump and watch out for any leaks from the areas you suspect. Roll the tire round using your hands to see if you will notice any air escaping through your hands.

After you have found the leak you can now seal it up using the repair glue. Put some glue on the area and allow it to dry. You should put a good amount of repair glue just to make sure that the hole is sealed up.

You should use a tire patch to seal the area if the hole is large seal it in place using the repair glue. Put the tube of the sealant and squeeze the sealant around the area where the hole is or place the tire patch over the hole and squeeze the repair glue over it sealing the entire area and leave it to dry.

After the glue has dried refill the tire with air using your air pressure pump. The air should not be able to escape if you sealed the hole well. You should observe the tire carefully to make sure that there is no other leak.

Once you have confirmed that there is no leak then you can put back the tire and screw the wheel back onto the car axle using a wrench or a screwdriver.


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