How to check your Computer Performance

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Computer Performance Test checks whether your computer is working as much capability as your processor. This article provides information about how to verify computer performance

Advantages of Computer Performance test

A computer performance test will tell you information such as whether or not the drivers are installed properly or perhaps need to be updated in order for certain hardware to work properly.

Another reason why some computers run very slow may be because of the many downloads you have done or the extra files that some programs tend to install on your computer behind the scenes.

Checking Computer Performance

Many people often wonder why their computers their computers are slow and sluggish, freezing and constantly crashing. This slowness can be caused by several factors and to help pinpoint some of the causes it is recommended that you run a computer performance test.

There are many programs online that will help determine why your computer is running so slow. Some of these programs are totally free while others charge a small fee for you to download it. Latest Laptop Configurations and desktop configurations do have large memory and so you don't find this but when your C drive is filled up, you may tend to face problems

Checking CPU and Memory Performance

Theses programs will check your CPU or central processing unit, the memory, operating system, and power source. By doing so it will be able to tell you all about your system and what you or the program will do for you in order to get your computers performance back up to par.

A computer performance test will also determine if all of your computers hardware is working and this is beneficial for those who are wondering why their speakers or other sound devices are not working, or their printer or USB.

Speeding up your computer performance

If you wish to try to speed up your computers performance yourself there are a few things that you can do to achieve these results. Trying clearing your browser cache and delete the tracking cookies from the temp folder.

By doing these simple steps you will clear up some of the broken and unnecessary files on your hard drive and once this is done you will notice that the performance of your computer has speeded up somewhat.

However, if you are not that computer savvy, you may resort to one of the many sites that offer a computer performance test for you to use for free or purchase for a minimal amount.


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author avatar Rathnashikamani
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Good advice. Even a not so geek can check their computer online, but one must be careful do it considering the malicious programmes that creep into the systems when checked online.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Well I'm not an expert in this line, yet I like reading you.

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author avatar Jerry Walch
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Everything that you said is true, but the one thing that people need to be aware of is that many of the so-called free programs can cause you more problems than they solve. Many hackers use these programs to gain access to your computer and then install all sorts of viruses and other malware on your system. The safest route to take is to buy a program on CD from a reputable software company and then install it on your computer from the disk. True, it will not be free, but it will be safe, and another advantage is that you will be able to use the program even if you do not have access to the Internet at the time.

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author avatar sriramraj
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Jerry Walch you are absolutely right, There are some of the best tools available in web for a small amount.

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
16th Jan 2012 (#)

I am sure Jerry is right. I do not trust the on-line computer check programs.
Thank you, sriramraj, for a well-written informative page.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jan 2012 (#)

wish we could speak and I could ask you questions, you are so savvy and I admire this so much..

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2012 (#)

To pick the genuine from the fake is a tough job indeed. I will go with Jerry with so many viruses and malwares floating around through free programs available online - siva

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