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If, like us, you love seeing how your pages are performing then Wikinut stats reports are for you. Find out how to view your overall figures, plus individual page statistics.

How we collect stats

Our system automatically records statistics each and every a reader views a page (which we call page views) and how much revenue your pages generate (earnings). We do this on a per author basis, so we can show you the stats for just the pages you have written. And we only collect stats for pages that are published, so any views you generate on draft or unreviewed pages will not be counted.

Our system is constantly storing the data, and we update the report once a day in the early hours. This means you can see daily reports of how your pages are doing.

One note about the numbers - some people may think they can inflate their numbers by viewing and clicking on their own pages. You can read a more detailed explanation of why this is a bad idea, but regardless our stats tools filter out any suspicious activity and only report genuine traffic.

Reading your overall stats

When you land on your My account page towards the bottom of the page you will see your stats for the last 7 days. This is a quick snapshot of the performance of all of your collective pages, and is a nice way to keep an eye on things.

The graph shows two things - your daily page views (the green line with the scale on the left axis) and your daily earnings in British pounds (the blue line with scale on the right axis). Below the graph is the same data shown in a table, with one more columns. This is a User referrals column showing how many of your invited friends have joined Wikinut each day.

If you want to view a different date range, then you can click on View my stats in your user menu. This will again default to the last 7 days, but offers the option to choose a new range. Just change the date option and click Show stats.

Viewing day breakdowns

If you want to see which of your pages are doing particularly well, then you can drill down to see a single day's activity by clicking on the date within any stats table.

You'll then see a list of all the pages that had activity on that date, with details of their individual page views and earnings. Checking which pages are getting the most traffic, and writing more pages with similar content is a great way to boost your Wikinut traffic.

Viewing single page stats

If you click on the page title from a day stats report, you'll then have the option to check the stats for that single page over a date range of your choosing.

In summary, you've got loads of ways to see how many readers your pages are receiving and which ones are earning you the most royalties.


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