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The increasing use of the electronics has although made our life comfortable and luxurious, it has its own loopholes which need to be thought about and steps have to be undertaken by each and every individual , be responsible, to clean away the garbage created by the electronics.

Early man's communication

There are still notions about the way the early man communicated.If at all he communicated,what were the sources for his communication.
Humans must have invented symbols because they needed them to represent ideas they could already think about but could not communicate effectively.
The symbols available in a culture serve to focus communication and social reliance on certain forms of thinking. Interactions are affected, and new areas of understanding will arise while other areas may be limited or obscured.
We don’t know exactly when hominids began using speech, but it may have been as early as 200,000 years ago, and almost certainly had progressed by 50,000 years ago

The development of speech

Speech is relatively easy to remember and rehearse, so a group could produce a large body of words that were retrievable in memory. For these reasons, speech was the ideal medium for developing symbolic communication among people who lived close together, without compromising the visual and motor skills they relied on for survival.
evolution of speech was driven by the mind’s desire to communicate those kinds of concepts. Narratives, explanations, rules, collective plans and decisions became important forms of social discourse, beyond the simple relating of here-and-now events and circumstances.Mimicking is the first and only way to take the steps for learning and thus the speech might have developed by mimicking and modifying.

Advancement in communication

This speech recognition and rehearsal took more and more changes and refined itself to make a language of a group and these have been confined to that particular area.
The same process took place by and by and thus we have so many hundreds of languages having their own history and literature.
These languages have got dialects which makes them differ from the other and so the people forming a group when they have the others following their dialects.
This development in languages has resulted in the inventions of medium for communication.People are now so well developed in exchanging ideas and feelings that they started communicating even if they are far apart.

The inventions of electronics

This increased exchange of ideas, has laid the foundation for our increased inventions of electronics.These electronics have completely changed the life of the people and we can not judge whether its a boon for the society for making our life comfortable or a bane for making people handicapped as everyone is depending on the electronics for every aspect of their daily life.
The increased use of electronics has now got a new problem which we have been experiencing in our daily life, even before the electronics came into our lives.

Where should the garbage be dumped

We all are aware of the sewage or the drainage systems and also some more advanced ideas of composting like vermi composting which are practiced to keep our surroundings clean and keep ourselves healthy.
People keep dumping garbage on the streets which is another form of keeping their and ONLY THEIR surroundings clean, unaware of the fact that diseases spread even if the garbage is dumped outside their compound wall and attack even them some day.

But, what about the garbage left due to the electronics ? Electronic waste or e-waste is discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered as e-waste. Informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries may cause serious health and pollution problems, as these countries have limited regulatory oversight of e-waste processing.
Let’s not be indebted for a cost we can avoid. Let’s treat ourselves, our children, and the environment, with respect and dispose of our e-waste the right way.But there are still doubts on the way this e-waste has to be managed.Increasing e-waste is a threat for us and our future generations and still unlimited discussions and debates about it.
There should be a remedy for the impact created by the luxury.
"My kid was 4yrs old when he thought about a remedy for this problem : Dumping the unwanted electrical parts on another planet and so there is a solution for keeping our planet clean ...." I am satisfied with the way he is feeling responsible to find a remedy for the problem...why not we all start finding such new solutions to keep the whole world clean and Eco-friendly.


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