How to cook Green Kiwifruit Frush delicious aftertaste

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The sweetness of the kiwifruit will make any dish you create as well be perfect. Add a little cream kiwifruit Zespri® on, put the top layer of chocolate cake Pavlova - a kind of cake made ​​with egg whites.

cook Green Kiwifruit Frush delicious aftertaste

• 2 Zespri® Green kiwifruit, cut off peel and cut into quarters
• 1 box (12 oz) coconut milk,
• ½ cup of water
• ½ can of jasmine rice
• ⅓ cup sugar
• 1 cup vanilla bean, halved and seeded
• 4 pieces of pineapple (4 x ½ x ½ inch)
• 1.5 cups of fresh coconut, flaked and toasted *

Instructions on how to do

1. Mixture of coconut milk, water, rice, sugar, vanilla beans and vanilla beans in medium pot. Bring to boil on medium high heat. When just boiling, reduce the heat to about 25 to 30 minutes, island rice constantly until the mixture is soft and liquid has been absorbed mix. Remove vanilla bean and scoop out excess oils. Place in refrigerator until frozen.
2. Place 1 layer of plastic-coated paper 20 x 10 inches in size upwards. Put rice in plastic wrap and are covered rectangular 14x6 inch size. Put the pieces Kiwi Green Zespri® was cut into quarters in the middle of rice. Do the same with pineapple, fruit crops ensure the plan is put together.
3. Use the plastic wrap, roll into a cylinder 14 inches in size. Hold both ends and completely covered by the outer layer of the fruit. Wrap tightly and leave in the fridge for 2 hours or until frozen.
4. Remove the plastic wrap and roll in coconut water was further heated. Decorate the cake sushi, steaks and then use
5. Cut the sushi into 4 equal portions. 0.5 inch round slices cut from each section. Cut the rest of the larger half, cut corners, forming wedge-shaped slices.
6. Garnish with 4 parts fruit dessert with fresh fruit, mango and raspberry, and chocolate upon request.
7. Place 1 slice and 2 slices rounded wedge on each plate

* Preheat the oven at 350 º F. temperature coconut on a baking tray. Bake 5 to 10 minutes, flipping occasionally until cooked.


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1st Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you, your recipes. It looks great

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1st Sep 2014 (#)

This sounds really delicious.

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2nd Sep 2014 (#)

I like kiwifruit, so nutritious and so with this kind...

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