How to deal with ink stains on clothes?

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The very first thing you should know about ink stains is their different categories. Water-based ink spots are easiest to remove that you get from washable markers but with permanent highlighters and markers, it’s a disaster! Whereas ballpoint ink is tricky to get off but can be treated. So are you a victim of an ink stain, just cool down and try not to explode along with the pen. By following a few easy tips and tricks, you can clean ink stains with less hassle.

Water-based ink stains

Since water-based ink blots are easy to tackle, we’ll start with that! Spread the stained cloth flat on top of another clean fabric or a dry towel. Gently apply water to the affected area and blot with another clean cloth. This would transfer the ink onto the clean fabric after which you’ve to apply a small quantity of liquid laundry detergent over the stain and leave it intact for about three to five minutes.

Carefully read the washing instructions over the fabric. If it can be laundered in hot water, take as much hot water as possible whereas normal temperature is advised for other fabric type. Before you dry out the fabric, carefully check to ensure the mark is removed permanently. Lest there’re any traces, repeat the above steps. Don’t let the stain dry or else it’ll be nearly impossible to clean later!

Stable/permanent ink marks

Removing permanent ink is one of the biggest challenges. If the fabric is bleachable, there’re chances it’ll get cleaned but you may also try these simple stain removal tips. The very first suggestion is to rub alcohol over the mark.

Get a clean towel and place the stained item on top but it’s recommended to test the solution before you pour it over the cloth for what if it gets worse. Gently rub the alcohol over the ink stain which will transfer on the clean piece of cloth.

Repeat the process till the area completely comes out clean. When that’s done, wash the cloth following the usual procedure. If alcohol doesn’t work, try nail polish remover but be warned that experimenting with cloth may ruin the quality so always test the different solutions over a separate fabric.

The last resort for permanent ink is acetone however being concentrated, it can destroy the fabric. Meanwhile, don’t use acetone over rayon fabrics or it’ll surely damage the material. Place the stained fabric on a clean dry cloth and blot with acetone and rinse it immediately afterwards.

Ink stain from ballpoint pen

Ballpoint stains fall right in the middle of permanent and water-based ink. Just as you treat permanent stain, do the same here by laying down the blemished cloth on a clean and dry fabric. Rub the ink stain and let it blot with a clean cloth, rinse thoroughly afterwards. Also, apply normal liquid laundry detergent over the spot and allow it to sit between three or five minutes.

Washable fibres

When treating cotton, linen, nylon, polyester, spandex and mod-acrylic materials from acrylic fabric; follow the steps below.
- Take a light hairspray to loosen the stains.
- Soak in quarter warm water with half-teaspoon detergent, white vinegar but care must be taken at all times.
- Rinse and allow air-drying.
- If stain persists, rub a little bit of alcohol over the stain and cover the affected area with an absorbent pad. Let it stand till the blotch is removed.

If you’ve been dreading so far over how to remove ink from clothes, the above tips and tricks would definitely prove wonders.


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