How to find the best wireless headphones for running

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This article is about How to find the best wireless headphones for running

How to find the best wireless headphones for running

For anyone who has ever exercised in a room that plays music in the background, they know how energizing it feels. Not only does one feel to continue working out your physique but there is also a fun mood that is set up which makes it even less likely for one to stop exercising even when they are completely exhausted. Well, this is the experience that is brought about with wireless headphones for running workouts.

Since trainees cannot move around with their music players whether it is a radio or whatever devices that play them music in their indoors, they will need portable devices to allow mobility and still perform as expected. So this is what the wireless headphones for running are. However, one cannot just pop into any technical shop and part with whatever wireless headphones in there. There must be a checklist for what particulars to expect for quality wireless headphones: The first thing to consider should be the technical features in them.


Basically, the three main technical specifications with wireless headphones are:

1. Operating range

2. Clarity and noise reduction capability

3. Battery life – how long the headphones can last on charge while playing music.

Broadcasting range with the headphones

Quality of wireless headphones is defined by the technical specs in them. One must look into certain factors such as the range in which these devices operate. This goes with the technology in use with the headphones. For instance, the bluetooth wireless headphones will operate within a ten meters range, which is enough for one who carries the music broadcaster device with them – for even the distance in between the headphones and the player device never exceeds two meters when walking with it.

Look for noise cancelling headphones

The noise reduction rate in the wireless headphones is also a factor to consider. This goes into looking at both internal and external noise. The headphones should be clear enough and not produce electronic noises upon playing. These headphones should also be fitted with earbuds that prevent the external noises from intruding your music.

Battery charge power and durability

Third spec to look for is battery charge power and its durability when playing. In this case the headphone battery should last not less than six hours while playing continuously regardless of the volume pitch. On the other hand, it should not take abnormally longer to charge the headphones.

These qualities are what define the best wireless headphones in the market.


As for personal preferences, one may look into their physical size and shape along with the device color. Size of the headphones matters as it determines the weight of these devices when worn on users’ ears. The device should also be durable in general and so buyers should prefer manufacturers whose wireless headphones are provided with warranty certificate. The Plantronics BackBeat and Philips SHB6000 are one such top headphones that present the above discussed features and much more.


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