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I explain how to fix your iPod after it becomes frozen and when waterlogged.


You have just bought a new iPod Nano for a hefty sum of money but you know it will be worth it when you can bring your music wherever you go. Apple includes a simple guide booklet about how to use your new device but it doesn't explain what to do when something unfortunate happens to it. I hope I can help some people out to make sure they can stick with the iPod they have when something befalls it instead of going out and buying a new one or just losing it altogether. I have compiled a couple ways to fix the iPod Nano when it seems like it won't work again. Enjoy.

When the screen freezes...

When the screen freezes, in most cases, none of the buttons work and you can't turn it off. The first thing that you're going to want to do is to hold down the Menu button and the Center button at the same time for about 8 seconds. Usually this will cause the iPod to do a manual reset and it will start working again. if this doesn't work you can try plugging it into the computer with the USB cord as well. In the very rare occasion that none of those choices returns your iPod to normal, the best solution is to place in on a table and leave it there until the battery dies. This is a last ditch solution and you almost never need to resort to it. It always does the trick, though.

When you get water into your iPod...

Getting water into your iPod is the worst of these two but if you follow the instructions you can save it 99.9% of the time. Once you find out that there is water in the iPod, you have to make sure not to try to turn it on. The longer the iPod goes with water in it, the less chance you have of fixing it and returning it to normal. After realizing that there is water in the iPod, fill a big bowl or Ziploc bag full of rice and place the iPod upright in the rice completely submerged by the rice. Leave it there for at least 24 hours. What the rice does is soak the water out of it and gravity helps out too a little because the iPod is upright. When you take it out of the rice, don't turn it on right away, just plug it into your computer. If you got it into the rice quickly enough it should be right back to normal.


I hope I helped some people out and saved them the trouble of having to buy another iPod. If you have any questions about how to fix your iPod feel free to contact me at



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