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Some key points on what you need to form a successful band.

So lets go.

The first thing you will need to form a band is talented musicians with lots and lots of enthusiasm, but being a good musician isn't the only thing that will make the band. There are many things that can affect a band and it's performance. I won't be listing all of them because obviously there will be little factors that can affect the band like the lead singer was dating the bassists sister but now they broke up so he can't jam no more with them.

To start with, you decide who is part of the band, you can't just give yourself a name and meet up in a room expecting to create a magical tune, unless you have previous experience and all the right equipment and some songs already prepared then you can always kick off with a jamming session of cover songs before composing any to see how it all blends and how you sound.

After deciding who is part of the band and being all excited about it you decide the what type of music you are going to play and that you are all okay with it. Even if it's experimental music and lots of improvisation it's good to kick start saying "we're going to play rock" just as an example.

Once you have the members ready you need to find out what you actually have. Amps?Microphones? Guitars? Drums? Bassists? Someone who can compose music on computer on programs such as reason or logic pro.. If you don't have any of this you will find yourself in a very hard position as they are expensive items to purchase and you might find it slowing you down or as if you were missing something. Do not worry. Now days there are places prepared for bands to jam where you can rent rooms for some sessions BUT before doing this you would probably like to drop some ideas on acoustic guitars and get stuff together.

There is a very difficult part when being in a band and this is composing.. How do you make your band not be cliche ? How can you avoid repeating the same chords all over again? That is up to how creative you become.

Good luck!


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author avatar Djanggo123
12th Feb 2010 (#)

heheheh! my band are all my computermates. Played online games with them and decided to form a band. Here is a sample video, hope u'll like it

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author avatar Carlos Luque
13th Feb 2010 (#)

There we go! all you needed. To be honest knowing how to use computers you could easily manage how to learn a composing program easily. well done with the band though.

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author avatar Humza
14th Jan 2011 (#)

I guess we really want some tips on the composition part as well, looking forward for that!
Good share and thnx for that.
so when r we seeing ur band on satellite????

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