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You might be clicking around on clixsense wondering how you will get more active referrals and cash in. Read on.

How to get referrals

The power of the Clixsense program comes from the incredible residual income that it can generate if you have a lot of active referrals in your downline. These referrals are not easy to come by though and many people give up before they try.

Remember this, Rome was not built in a day and building a residual income generating business is not going to happen over night. Your mindset has to be focused, a penny a day, if you could convince one friend to join your business and be your first referral? Surfing the Traffic Exchange every day and advertising your referral link, if you do this every day you will build up your downline.

Do the boring stuff, surf the Traffic Exchanges, send solo emails, connect with your friends and family, linkedin, facebook and if you can advertise. Remember that the Clixsense downline matrix goes down 14 levels!! Unlimited width!! This kind of a matrix takes time to fill and if you work at it 1-2 hours a day for 2 years you will be surprised at the result.

Unlimited free website traffic

To get more referrals to Clixsense we need to advertise to a larger audience, we need more and more people. How do we do this?

There are websites called Traffic Exchanges that allows you to surf other members websites and in return you recieve credits to advertise your website to other members. There are some problems with this as you can spend a lot of time clicking to other peoples websites but you might not be getting any referrals from your traffic. No fish in the water?

Luckily for us there is a rating system in place that lets users rate the traffic exchanges so we can see which are the top performing traffic exchanges around. When you are surfing on all these Traffic Exchanges be mindfull not to sign up for all the offers, remember your mission, collect credits and advertise only your program, and stick to it.

Trusted Traffic Exchanges

Click Track Profits is a free system that is designed to help you maximise your Traffic Exchange profits and helps you to get paid for your surfing.

The important thing to remember about traffic exchanges is that these websites contain targeted traffic and if you can show them the right offer you will be succesfull and you will get more referrals to Clixsense and other programs.

Another great program is Cash N Hits , great for earning some extra money and very good free advertising. I focus on using these two traffic/income generating systems to get more Clixsense referrals.


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author avatar Dydy
18th Jul 2012 (#)

Yes you're right! I'm also a member there, at CTP- and thanx God for that :) great article!

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author avatar Paid to click
10th Aug 2012 (#)

me too i am member of this site and got paid several times

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author avatar Rofolino
15th Dec 2012 (#)

how to create my own down lines?

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author avatar Dydy
28th Jan 2013 (#)

Rofolino use traffic echanges for creating dowline, these are helping -
and -
5 sec. skip ad! :)

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author avatar Elliot
5th Oct 2013 (#)

I have started to create a downline by paying for ptsu credits on websites. either you can give your refferal link out for free and hope people sign up or go to the below websites to buy guarenteed signups


they have ptsu credits 100 for $2, so thats 100 signups

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author avatar Evil
20th Jan 2013 (#)


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author avatar Maria
13th Aug 2013 (#)

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author avatar Elliot
5th Oct 2013 (#)

if you dont get refferals you could pay $2 for 100 ptsu credits(guarenteed signups) at

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author avatar Mubashir Mazhar
19th Nov 2013 (#)

Bestest way to earn money online

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author avatar Easy rupee
5th Oct 2015 (#)

Want to get free refferals in clixsense .visit

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