How to get out of Elo Hell in League of Legends.

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Being stuck at a low elo and being matched with either trolls or feeders is demoralizing and frustrating. The following article will outline some tips which should help you get on your way to a higher elo.

Tip 1. Before you even start playing ranked learn to last hit effectively.

Farming is the number one method of obtaining gold in league of legends. Therefore practising last hitting is very important. In my opinion learning to last hit properly can be done using the following three steps:

1. Start a custom bot game on summoners rift. Set the bot to easy and pick a champion for the bot with minimal damage such as Soraka. Once you are in game run to lane and simply stand still behind your minions (this can be done by tapping "s" twice) and carefully watch the enemy minions health. Once the minions health drops to a minimal level or is one hit away from dieing to your own minions - attack it then stand still behind your creeps again until the next minion is a hit away from death. Continue doing this until you feel very comfortable about last hitting with no champions distracting you, after which you are ready to move on to the next step.

2. Step two is very similar to step one. You will need to start a custom bot game on summoners rift and again you will need to select a champion for the bot with minimal damage. Once again you will run to lane but instead of standing still behind minions you will practise clicking left to right or in arbitrary directions. While doing this strafing you must continue to watch the minions health and attack it once it is one hit from death. This strafeing makes it more difficult for real players to hit you, especially with skill shots. Once you can do this effectively you are ready for the third and final step in mastering the art of last hitting.

3. Step three is by far the simplest if you can effectively do step two. Start a normal game on summoners rift, both blind pick and draft pick will work however i suggest draft pick as it is more similar to ranked. Once you have secured your champ simply head to lane and start implementing what you have practised, try and avoid being attacked by the enemy if possible.


While many individuals may groan that i suggested versing bots to practise, i personally found this the most effective way to learn. By removing all the outside elements which cause over complication an individual can effectively learn to judge how much damage is required to finish off minions and will also learn to move around causing difficulties for the opposition in hitting your champion.

Tip 2. Find a position you find most appealing.

Try out a few different positions, it is important to be able to play more than one position and play them well. Once you have found this position you like it not only brings more pleasure in playing this position but there is a greater chance that you can play with position strongly and win your lane. The best positions for carrying in solo Que are top, mid and jungle. I find both support and ADC rely to heavily upon one another and if one under performs both struggle.

Tip 3. Certain champions have a greater chance of carrying.

In my personal opinion these champions include:

Top :
Riven - a very strong champion if not shut down early game. She has high amounts of damage, great sustain and can be very tanky which is important when trying to win team fights.

Irelia - Again a very strong champion with her true damage. Her ability to dash to enemy targets is great at shutting down the enemy ADC or apc.

Kayle- A great ranged harass, Kayle can clear farm amazingly fast with her aoe ability. Her ability to harass with Q and heal herself results in her ability to out sustain her opponents 9 times out of 10.

Lux - Amazing poke against all champs. I myself love lux and am currently rocking an 89% win rate with over 70 ranked games played. She has an amazing ability to shield her team throughout team fights and the low cool down on her ult allows her to damage entire lines of enemies.

Twisted Fate- Great poke and high amounts of damage. The +2 gold per kill is a great asset for a team and the global presence of his ultimate makes him excellent at ganking and helping other lanes excel.

Kha' Zix - Amazing at destroying the opposing mid laner. He also has very strong ganks which can help put your team in front.

Fizz - Probably my all time favourite champion. His ability to nuke just about everyone is amazing. Fizz can easily squash the squishy enemy's and leave a hefty dent in the tanks with minimal help from his teammates.

Katarina - Although a risky champ which can easily be shut down Katarina has the potential to do mass damage to a team. She snowballs very well and can dart from enemy to enemy dishing out the pain.

Shen - A great tank and the taunt is such a pain for the enemy. The global ultimate can save lives and help set up awesome ganks. Once shen has a sun fire jungle clear time is doubled!

Sejuani - Another great tank with awesome crowd control. She has the ability to carry teams with ease as she slows, knocks and freezes the enemy.

Nautilus - Again a very tanky jungler with heaps of crowd control. Nautilus has great clear time with his aoe damage and has great ganks with a pull, root, knock up and slow.

Hecarim - A speedy speedy jungler with a great fear and knock back. I find Hecarim a very enjoyable champion to play and would recommend him to anyone!

AD carry:
Vayne - Outscales everyone late game, her invisible tumble and true damage makes her an amazing champ at surviving through team fights and a great tank destroyer. Even if beaten in lane Vayne soliders on.

Taric - A strong champion with a heal and an aura which gives nearby allies extra armour which is helpful throughout fights. While supporting is not the greatest position to carry a team, Taric is a very helpful champion with easy mechanics to master.

Blitzcrank - Awesome at being tanky and has a high amount of CC with the ability to snag enemy champions and pull them into your team which will ultimately cause there demise. His Q is relatively easy to dodge if standing behind minions in which case he can simply run in and knock them up before pulling.

Tip 4. Always be curious and friendly to your teammates.

Nothing ruins a teams synergy then a toxic individual who abuses his teammates. This will not only upset the individual but also make them uncooperative and increase the chance of a loss. If an individual makes a mistake just ignore it. If they continue to make the mistake politely tell them how they could fix this issue. There is no reason to curse.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email me at I am happy to help spectate and coach you through your ranked game play. I may also be able to duo with you if i have a lvl 30 on your specific server. For more information on that please feel free to email

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