How to grow your own Oyster mushrooms

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How to grow your own Oyster mushrooms.
Well that depends on how much you want to grow.
In small amount that is so easy that you can believe. And in case you want to have big business it take lots of money and energy. And I would say luck.

How to grow your own Oyster mushrooms

So let's go.
Oyster Mushrooms are one of the easiest mush to grow.
All you need is sacks (transparent are the best because we can see if everything grow like it should.
Then we need straw or something on what mushrooms will grow. Straw is the best because is cheap and if is healthy we won't have problems with much mold.
Then micelyum. That is mushroom seed. It is pretty much cheap.
And the last thing without we can't is the place to put sacks (best is some kind of basement or something with constant temperature). But that is not necessarily. Oyster Mushrooms have big temperature span in it can grow.
So let's go.
1. If you have straw it must be cooked i.e. pasteurized . With cooking in temperature 80 Celsius for about 1 hour all bad bacteria have been killed. (A tip: I am cooking when the water boils for 45 minutes and till now everything was okay.)
2. When straw is cooked it has to be cooled on some 20 Celsius and still very wet.
3. Then we put one layer of straw in sack. (Thickness of layer is about 10 cm) and handful micelyum. And again one layer of straw and one hand micelyum, till the sack is full.
4. Cut about 10 holes on every sack and put it in the room or basement.

The room

5. The room can be in darkness till micelyum has grown all over the sack. After that we have to get some light. By growth we must imitate forest so light have to work minimum 10 hours
6. Humidity must be around 95%,but that is ideal. Humidity is easy to handle. How? You can buy sprinkle and with it every couple hours spray on sacks. That won't ideal humidity but we don't need that.


7. Next pretty much important is getting good air circulation. Well maybe you will have to find old ventilator and open the window for a bit.
How do we know if circulation is good. Use common sense. Micelyum use oxygen and its product is CO2,so more is better than less. When mushrooms are big if hat is small and petiole are long than you have to bring more oxygen.
8. Picking the Oyster mushrooms. We pick it when corners of mushroom hat are straight. Mushrooms need about 4 days for it.
9. The last but important thing is eating it.

Well I hope that this post was useful.

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