How to have clean air

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Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dangerous pollutants and the hazardous materials that we can just find inside our houses.

How to have clean air

We are all immersed in a world of air that we breathe every single minute everywhere we go, whatever we do and whoever we are. Our health is very dependent on the air that we breathe inside and out. Just to remain living in this world, we are all exchanging liters of air every single minute of our lives. Approximately, there are 10, 000 to 70, 000 liters of air there is for us to nourish life. However, not all air that we breathe are clean and safe to our body. A lot of air pollutants can damage our body.

We might think that our house is much cleaner than outside, but we are wrong. There are many dangers especially for the health of our children that can only be obtained from our own house. We cannot see the danger because they are so small to see that only a microscope can be used to see them. These are the dirt that automatically goes with the air and we breathe them without our knowledge that they are so many and dangerous. Certain sicknesses are recorded because of indoor air pollutants. We might develop the following:

1. Respiratory Sickness such as asthma and allergy (allergic rhinitis, skin allergy, lung allergy, etc.

2. Migraine and headaches

3. Respiratory Sickness such as asthma and allergy (allergic rhinitis, skin allergy, lung allergy, etc.

4. Migraine and headaches

5. Eyes and ear problems

4. Coughing, colds and flu

5. Sore throat

6. Dizziness

7. Fatigue

8. Memory loss

9. Heartburn

10. Depression

How to have clean air?

We should know the culprits that making our air unclean. Here are the pollutants that we should be aware of. Beware of the following:

1. MOLDS – molds can be seen through the water damage and through areas that are very humid. Beware of your bathrooms and basements for there are so many molds hiding there. Molds are the primary food of dust mites. Having them at home will attract the mighty warrior.

2. AIRBORNE BACTERIA & VIRUSES – our body produces viruses in the form or sneezing or coughing. When we are sick, we are automatically spreading viruses inside our house. Our pets are also producing viruses and bacteria. Clean your surfaces, humidifiers, electric fans, air conditioners and other ventilation devices.

3. COMBUSTIBLE PRODUCTS – we might not be aware that our gas appliances are dangerous when inhaled. Kerosene, fireplaces, chimneys and heaters are all hazardous to breathe. Watch out of the cigarettes that we inhaled and exhaled. Your cars from your garage when you start and drive them blow air that are also unsafe.

4. PRESSED WOOD PRODUCTS & GARMENTS – be cautious of your house walls, plywood, fiberboards and even your clothes and mattresses. All fabric contains pollutants you can’t see. Your playground made of pressure treated woods has arsenic that is use in making pesticides.

5. VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS – I know you have these products at home so if you can throw them properly might help you fight pollutants. These include your kitchen cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners, repellants, paints, solvents, etc.

6. PLASTICS – are you aware of the toys of your children made of plastics that are very hazardous to them? Check also your food you heat from microwavable plastics. Your shower curtains, plastic floorings, pipes, adhesives, lunch boxes and water bottles.

7. METALS – a lot of materials at home are made of metals with lead, chromium and mercury. Your car is one of them. Your cooking wares are some of them too.

8. RADON – these includes the soil, the smoke detectors, some clocks, well water and building materials.

There you go. Almost all of the things inside our house are dangerous than we ever think. So we must be careful in everything that we use at home. We may never tell where we can get sick. Outside or inside our houses. Best thing that we should do is to be clean and cautious of the materials that we are using at home. Use products properly and never dare to give them to your child. For their good and safety.


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