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The goal of this article is to help you create your own strategy which will help you improve the revenue of you writing on Google.

Useful SEO tips

Nowadays each SEO specialist knows how important are the proper keywords for the well-optimized content and how to import eternal links to make Google find the page easier. But when we talk about SEO strategy we understand the reliable combination of many factors that will make the company memorable on the market. How you can improve your SEO, so that you can build a healthy marketing identity?

Tips In Bullets

• Make a SEO plan
This could be described as your SEO tree. SEO contains lots of elements but sometimes you may not need all of them. When you have a huge amount of knowledge you may get confused and instead of good advertising, you may create a real mess! To avoid this mistake, you’ll need a SEO plan, separated into stages such as: SEO schedule (what you’ll do to improve your SEO strategy day by day); Writing a content; TV and radio Advertising; Electronic Advertisement, etc;
• Hire professional writers
If you want to achieve more clients to your website, you’ll need professional writers and very creative content. Here, you’ll have to invest some more funds for the writers’ payment, too but you’ll return all of them.
• Hire an experienced editor
It’s not a good idea to create the entire content on your own no matter how good are you in writing. Although you do this, it’s better to hire an experienced editor who will check your articles or blog posts for spelling, grammar and any other mistakes you’ve made.
• Combine serious with funny content
People usually use Internet in their spare time, when they want to get information about something or when they order something. Sometimes the funny content may do a great job for attracting your target clients.
• Create some funny games
The games are not content but could be used as a clever manner for increasing the attendances of your web page. They may be related to the products or services you offer. Visitors and especially the little children will like them and you’ll increase your traffic.
• Use jQuery
This is a useful JavaScript library that lets you avoid the repeatedly clicking to refresh pages and at the same time provides a vast user experience and delivers content to the search engine. It makes the browsing lighter so that visitors won’t be interrupted by boring misfires of animated files or other failures.
• Use the Orbital Content concept
This is maybe your secret key – a method that combines the usage of all social networks and takes them in your website. Now social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have become a real marketing arena and companies use them to advertise their products. For example, you may write an article for the functions and features of any of your product/service and insert Facebook, Twitter or +1s buttons on your website. That’s how you’ll make visitors share your content automatically with no efforts. Social networks are still a new type of customer engagement but they offer many types of interaction. They are a wonderful way to reach your clients, hear their opinion, and understand their need – isn’t it a deeper marketing research?
• Make a mobile version of your web page
Believe or not 40% of the people access Internet via mobile devices – phones or tablets. That’s why it’s better to make a lighter mobile version of your web page. This mobile site must include almost 50% of the full version’s features which will make the life of your clients easier and they can be in touch with your last offers and news anytime.
• Watch for your brand reputation
If you have additional funds you may hire a person whose task will be to manage all your blogs, reviews and social network’s comment without admitting negative posts. They will affect on your reputation and will render a bad influence on your reputation. You can avoid this by taking care on your own or with the help of another person.

Well, we hope that even one of these bullets has been useful for you. In fact, there are still many ways for improving your SEO and we’ll talk about them in our next articles. If you have any questions or comment on this article, please, feel free to discuss it with us any time!


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author avatar Gangadhar Kulkarni
31st Oct 2015 (#)

Hey Zorri,

Informative article and thanks for sharing such a useful seo strategies.

Have a great weekend.......!!!

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author avatar ZorriV
31st Oct 2015 (#)

Thank you! I will add you as a friend, too ;)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Thanks Zorri, Maybe you can highlight Wikinut specific SEO strategy to get wider audience - siva

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author avatar ZorriV
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you SIva, that's a great idea for another article ;)

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author avatar LOVERME
1st Nov 2015 (#)

also advise how to tackle guys and ladies who spoil images of writers wantonly as by endorsing crude comments lascivious

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